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GetHarvestDifficulty( resource, x, y, tiletype, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM )
Name Type
resource String
x,y Integer world coordinates
realm String - case-sensitive name of the realm
tiletype Integer
Determines the difficulty of harvesting a resource from location (x,y).
Notes: tiletype will typically be .objtype from TargetCoordinates() Checks the location for an object of type 'tiletype'. This tiletype may be a landtile or an object tile.
"resource" is something like "ore" "wood" "fish", etc. see regions/resource.cfg, regions/ore.cfg, etc.
Return values
An integer difficulty level if resources exist.
"Invalid parameter"
"Realm not found"
"Invalid Coordinates for Realm"
"No resource by that name"
"No resource-bearing landmark there"
"No resource region at that location"
"Resource is depleted"
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