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ListItemsNearLocationWithFlag( x, y, z, range, flags, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM )
Name Type
x,y,z Integer world coordinates
realm String - case-sensitive name of the realm
range Integer
flags Integer
Gets an array of itemrefs if its graphic matches any of the OR'd flags passed. "flags" here are tiledata.mul flags for the item's graphic.
Tiledata.mul flags:
const TILEDATA_FLAG_BACKGROUND  := 0x00000001; //Background
const TILEDATA_FLAG_WEAPON      := 0x00000002; //Weapon
const TILEDATA_FLAG_TRANSPARENT := 0x00000004; //Transparent
const TILEDATA_FLAG_TRANSLUCENT := 0x00000008; //Translucent
const TILEDATA_FLAG_WALL        := 0x00000010; //Wall
const TILEDATA_FLAG_DAMAGING    := 0x00000020; //Damaging
const TILEDATA_FLAG_IMPASSIBLE  := 0x00000040; //Impassable
const TILEDATA_FLAG_WET         := 0x00000080; //Wet
const TILEDATA_FLAG_UNK         := 0x00000100; //Unknown
const TILEDATA_FLAG_SURFACE     := 0x00000200; //Surface
const TILEDATA_FLAG_BRIDGE      := 0x00000400; //Bridge
const TILEDATA_FLAG_STACKABLE   := 0x00000800; //Generic/Stackable
const TILEDATA_FLAG_WINDOW      := 0x00001000; //Window
const TILEDATA_FLAG_NOSHOOT     := 0x00002000; //No Shoot
const TILEDATA_FLAG_PREFIX_A    := 0x00004000; //Prefix A
const TILEDATA_FLAG_PREFIX_AN   := 0x00008000; //Prefix An
const TILEDATA_FLAG_INTERNAL    := 0x00010000; //Internal (things like hair, beards, etc)
const TILEDATA_FLAG_FOILIAGE    := 0x00020000; //Foliage
const TILEDATA_FLAG_PARTIAL_HUE := 0x00040000; //Partial Hue
const TILEDATA_FLAG_UNK1        := 0x00080000; //Unknown 1
const TILEDATA_FLAG_MAP         := 0x00100000; //Map
const TILEDATA_FLAG_CONTAINER   := 0x00200000; //Container
const TILEDATA_FLAG_WEARABLE    := 0x00400000; //Wearable
const TILEDATA_FLAG_LIGHTSOURCE := 0x00800000; //LightSource
const TILEDATA_FLAG_ANIMATED    := 0x01000000; //Animated
const TILEDATA_FLAG_NODIAGONAL  := 0x02000000; //No Diagonal
const TILEDATA_FLAG_UNK2        := 0x04000000; //Unknown 2
const TILEDATA_FLAG_ARMOR       := 0x08000000; //Armor
const TILEDATA_FLAG_ROOF        := 0x10000000; //Roof
const TILEDATA_FLAG_DOOR        := 0x20000000; //Door
const TILEDATA_FLAG_STAIRBACK   := 0x40000000; //StairBack
const TILEDATA_FLAG_STAIRRIGHT  := 0x80000000; //StairRight
Notes: 19 is used for the Z-Range or use LIST_IGNORE_Z constant as Z Parameter to list all Items ignoring Z-Value. Rectangular range is used - x-range and y-range are compared independently.
Notes: from uo.em constants:
// special value for List[Items/Mobiles/Statics]*
const LIST_IGNORE_Z             := 0x40000000; // Ignore Z-Value and list everything
Return values
Array of Item References of Items matching "flags" found near the location or Error.
"Invalid parameter"
"Realm not found"
"Invalid Coordinates for Realm"