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MoveItemToContainer( item, container, x := -1, y := -1 )
Name Type
item Item Reference
container Container Reference
x,y Integer coords inside container gump (optional)
Moves an item into a container.
Notes: If the default values for x and y are passed, or if x or y does not fall within the legal bounds for a container as found in ITEMDESC.CFG, then a random location within the container will be chosen.
Calls the item's unequiptest and unequip scripts, if any.
Calls the container's canInsert and onInsert scripts, if any.
Calls the item's original container's (if any) canRemove and onRemove scripts, if any.
Return values
1 on success
"Invalid parameter type"
"That is immobile"
"That item is being used."
"Non-container selected as target"
"Can't put a container into itself"
"Can't put a container into an item in itself"
"Container is too full to add that"
"Item cannot be unequipped"