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PlayMovingEffectXYZ( srcx, srcy, srcz, dstx, dsty, dstz, effect, speed, loop := 0, explode := 0, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM )
Name Type
srcx,srcy,srcz Integer Source world coordinates
dstx,dsty,dstz Integer Destination world coordinates
realm String - case-sensitive name of the realm
effect integer
speed integer (to 255)
loop integer (to 255)
explode integer (to 255)
Starts a moving effect between the source and destination coordinates.
Notes: "effect" is a UO graphic number (the first graphic in a series for an animated effect) "speed" controls the time between frames of animation "loop" controls the number of total frames to play in the animation (loops if greater than the length of the animation). 0 = play once. "explode" flags if an explosion effect should be played at the end of the animation
Return values
1 on success, 0 or Error
"Realm not found"
"Invalid Coordinates for Realm"