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SendBuyWindow( character, container, vendor, items, flags := 0 )
Name Type
character Character Reference to player
container Container Reference ( vendor 'for sale items' container )
vendor Character Reference to NPC vendor
item Container Reference (vendor 'player bought items' container)
flags Integer
Sends the "buy scroll" gump to a player to choose items to buy.
Notes: Pretty nasty function. Containers should be in storage areas.
Notes: Core will send Item Description using AoS Tooltips in any case if flag VENDOR_SEND_AOS_TOOLTIP is set. This will correct problems with Item Descriptions in newer Clients, but maybe freeze ancient Clients...
Notes: uo.em constants for this function:
const VENDOR_SEND_AOS_TOOLTIP   := 0x01;
Return values
1 on success
"A parameter was invalid"
"No client connected to character"
"Parameter 1 invalid"
"Parameter 2 invalid"
"Parameter 3 invalid"
"Too much crap in vendor's inventory!" (message exceeds 2000 byte buffer)