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SendDialogGump( who, layout, textlines, x := 0, y := 0 )
Name Type
who Character Reference
layout String Array
textlines String Array
x,y Integer-Offset
Sends a generic gump window to "who" and waits for the user's input.
Notes: "layout" is an array of strings with each string a gump layout directive. "textlines" is an array of strings with text that is displayed on the gump. "Layout" references this array in a 0-based manner. Creating these arrays is difficult and hard to debug. See the "gumps" package for a more user- friendly interface to gumps.
Return values
the return value is a dictionary. return[0] contains the button ID the user used to close the gump. 0 is returned if the gump was cancelled. return.keys contains the IDs for the radio buttons, checkboxes, and textentries set when the gump was returned. Note control characters are stripped from the text input lines.
"Invalid parameter"
"No client attached"
"Buffer length exceeded" (64K byte)