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SetRegionWeatherLevel( region, type, severity, aux := 0, lightoverride := -1)
Name Type
region string
type integer
severity integer
aux integer (optional, see above for default values)
lightoverride integer (optional, see above for default values)
Sets the weather effects for a given weather region.
Notes: Weather values by Tharaxis
    0 - light rain ("It starts to rain")
    1 - rain/thunder ("A fierce storm approaches")
    2 - snow ("It begins to snow")
    3 - brewing storm - ("A storm is brewing")
    255 - None (Turns sound effects off)
    severity:is set on a 0-70 scale, 70=torrential rain, 0=light drizzle.		  
    aux: ??? 
    lightoverride: light level amount overrides current level. -1 means no override.
Return values
1 on success
"Invalid Parameter type"
"Weather region not found" if "region" not found in regions/weather.cfg
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