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TargetMultiPlacement( character, objtype, flags := 0, xoffset := 0, yoffset := 0 )
Name Type
character Character Reference
objtype Integer
flags Integer (optional)
xoffset,yoffset Integer offset to 'ghost' target house
Sends character a "ghost" multi to select placement location in the world.
Notes: objtype must be from an itemdesc.cfg entry with a Boat or House type.
boats only constants for flags:
const CRMULTI_FACING_NORTH      := 0x0000;  
const CRMULTI_FACING_EAST       := 0x0100;
const CRMULTI_FACING_SOUTH      := 0x0200;
const CRMULTI_FACING_WEST       := 0x0300;
For House target placement, flags should == 0.
NOTE: the coordinates returned by this are the coordinates of the "target" cursor, not the center of the house if you use x/yoffset! So if you want to have the front steps be under the cursor, you must transform the parameters to CreateMultiAtLocation to include your xoffset and yoffset. Positive offsets move the cursor left/down in relation to the ghost house. An example using the front steps to target:
    var dims := GetMultiDimensions( 0x6071 );
    if(!dims) return; endif
    var loc := TargetMultiPlacement( who, 0x6071, 0, 0, dims.ymax );
    if(!loc) return; endif
    var house := CreateMultiAtLocation( loc.x, loc.y - dims.ymax, loc.z, 0x6071, 0, who.realm );
Return values
A Structure (x,y,z) containing the location targetted on success
"Invalid parameter type"
"No client attached"
"Client busy with another target cursor"
"Object Type is out of range for Multis"