Pol  Revision:cb584c9
uworld.cpp File Reference
#include "uworld.h"
#include <stddef.h>
#include <string>
#include "../clib/clib_endian.h"
#include "../clib/logfacility.h"
#include "../clib/passert.h"
#include "globals/uvars.h"
#include "item/item.h"
#include "mobile/charactr.h"
#include "multi/multi.h"

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void Pol::Core::add_item_to_world (Items::Item *item)
void Pol::Core::add_multi_to_world (Multi::UMulti *multi)
void Pol::Core::check_character_integrity ()
bool Pol::Core::check_item_integrity ()
bool Pol::Core::check_single_zone_item_integrity (int, int, Realms::Realm *)
void Pol::Core::ClrCharacterWorldPosition (Mobile::Character *chr, Realms::WorldChangeReason reason)
static void Pol::Core::find_missing_char_in_zone (Mobile::Character *chr, Realms::WorldChangeReason reason)
int Pol::Core::get_mobile_count ()
int Pol::Core::get_toplevel_item_count ()
void Pol::Core::move_multi_in_world (unsigned short oldx, unsigned short oldy, unsigned short newx, unsigned short newy, Multi::UMulti *multi, Realms::Realm *oldrealm)
void Pol::Core::MoveCharacterWorldPosition (unsigned short oldx, unsigned short oldy, unsigned short newx, unsigned short newy, Mobile::Character *chr, Realms::Realm *oldrealm)
void Pol::Core::MoveItemWorldPosition (unsigned short oldx, unsigned short oldy, Items::Item *item, Realms::Realm *oldrealm)
void Pol::Core::optimize_zones ()
void Pol::Core::remove_item_from_world (Items::Item *item)
void Pol::Core::remove_multi_from_world (Multi::UMulti *multi)
void Pol::Core::SetCharacterWorldPosition (Mobile::Character *chr, Realms::WorldChangeReason reason)

Detailed Description

  • 2005/01/23 Shinigami: check_item_integrity & check_character_integrity - fix for multi realm support (had used WGRID_X & WGRID_Y) ClrCharacterWorldPosition - Tokuno MapDimension doesn't fit blocks of 64x64 (WGRID_SIZE)
  • 2009/09/03 MuadDib: Relocation of multi related cpp/h
  • 2012/02/06 MuadDib: Added Old Serial for debug on orphaned items that make it to remove_item_from_world.

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