Pol  Revision:cb584c9
uomod.h File Reference
#include "../../bscript/execmodl.h"
#include "../../clib/rawtypes.h"
#include "../poltype.h"
#include "../reftypes.h"

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class  Pol::Module::UOExecutorModule



Detailed Description

  • 2005/04/28 Shinigami: added mf_SecureTradeWin - to init secure trade via script over long distances added mf_MoveItemToSecureTradeWin - to move item to secure trade window via script
  • 2005/06/01 Shinigami: added mf_Attach - to attach a Script to a Character added mf_ListStaticsAtLocation - list static Items at location added mf_ListStaticsNearLocation - list static Items around location added mf_GetStandingLayers - get layer a mobile can stand
  • 2005/06/06 Shinigami: flags added to mf_ListStatics*
  • 2005/07/04 Shinigami: added mf_ListStaticsInBox - list static items in box
  • 2005/09/23 Shinigami: added mf_SendStatus - to send full status packet to support extensions
  • 2006/01/18 Shinigami: added attached_npc_ - to get attached NPC from AI-Script-Process Obj
  • 2006/05/07 Shinigami: mf_SendBuyWindow & mf_SendSellWindow - added Flags to send Item Description using AoS Tooltips
  • 2006/05/24 Shinigami: added mf_SendCharacterRaceChanger - change Hair, Beard and Color
  • 2007/05/03 Turley: added mf_GetRegionNameAtLocation - get name of justice region
  • 2007/05/04 Shinigami: added mf_GetRegionName - get name of justice region by objref
  • 2008/07/08 Turley: Added mf_IsStackable - Is item stackable?
  • 2009/08/08 MuadDib: mf_SetRawSkill(), mf_GetRawSkill(), mf_ApplyRawDamage(), mf_GameStat(), mf_AwardRawPoints(), old replace_properties(), mf_GetSkill() cleaned out.
  • 2009/09/10 Turley: CompressedGump support (Grin)
  • 2009/10/22 Turley: added CanWalk()
  • 2009/12/17 Turley: CloseWindow( character, type, object ) - Tomi

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