Pol  Revision:cb584c9
acscrobj.cpp File Reference
#include "acscrobj.h"
#include <stddef.h>
#include <string>
#include "../../bscript/berror.h"
#include "../../bscript/executor.h"
#include "../../bscript/impstr.h"
#include "../../bscript/objmembers.h"
#include "../../bscript/objmethods.h"
#include "../../clib/clib_MD5.h"
#include "../../plib/systemstate.h"
#include "../core.h"
#include "../globals/uvars.h"
#include "../mobile/charactr.h"
#include "../network/client.h"
#include "../polcfg.h"
#include "../ufunc.h"
#include "../uoscrobj.h"
#include "account.h"
#include "accounts.h"

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void Pol::Core::call_ondelete_scripts (Mobile::Character *chr)
bool Pol::Core::can_delete_character (Mobile::Character *chr, int delete_by)
void Pol::Core::createchar2 (Accounts::Account *acct, unsigned index)
void Pol::Core::delete_character (Accounts::Account *acct, Mobile::Character *chr, int charidx)


Bscript::BApplicObjType Pol::Accounts::accountobjimp_type

Detailed Description

  • 2005/04/04 Shinigami: account.Set_UO_Expansion( string ) - extended for Samurai Empire, added value check, added to AccountObjImp::call_method (was missing)
  • 2005/04/04 Shinigami: call ondelete script in account.DeleteCharacter( index ) too
  • 2005/04/04 Shinigami: added candelete script
  • 2005/05/24 Shinigami: added account.delete() to delete this account
  • 2005/05/25 Shinigami: added account.split( newacctname : string, index : 1..5 ) to create a new account and move character to it
  • 2005/05/25 Shinigami: added account.move_char( destacctname : string, index : 1..5 ) to move character from this account to destaccount
  • 2005/11/25 Shinigami: MTH_GET_MEMBER/"get_member" - GCC fix
  • 2005/11/26 Shinigami: changed "strcmp" into "stricmp" to suppress Script Errors
  • 2006/05/16 Shinigami: account.Set_UO_Expansion( string ) - extended for Mondain's Legacy
  • 2009/08/06 MuadDib: Removed PasswordOnlyHash support
  • 2009/09/03 MuadDib: Relocation of account related cpp/h
  • 2009/12/02 Turley: added SA expansion - Tomi
  • 2009/12/21 Turley: ._method() call fix

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