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I'm thinking that, if anything, I'd want to present a VERY simple, high-level interface.

So no seeking / reading / writing. Something more like this:

WriteFile and AppendToFile would accept either a string or an array of lines. The string would be written verbatim, while the array of lines would be written with newlines appended.

WriteFile would be atomic for existing files - it would write a new file to a temporary location, then do the rename-rename-delete thing.

LogToFile would take a string as input, and append a newline. It's the equivalent of AppendToFile( filename, array { text } )

Probably a systemwide configuration file would dictate the types of files allowed to be written, and perhaps even name the packages allowed to do so. I could see a use for being able to write .src files, for example. And I'm having thoughts of integrating compile capability directly into pol, and adding something like CompileScript( scriptpath ) to polsys.em

// anyone can append to a log file in their own package // (backslash escaping on "\<all\>" is here for doxygen only) FileAccess { allow append match *.log package <all> } // anyone can create .htm files in their own web root FileAccess { allow write match www/ *.html package <all> } // the uploader package is allowed to write .src and .cfg files in any package FileAccess { allow read allow write remote 1 match *.cfg match *.src package uploader }