Pol  Revision:cb584c9
statmsg.cpp File Reference
#include "statmsg.h"
#include "../clib/clib.h"
#include "../clib/rawtypes.h"
#include "globals/network.h"
#include "globals/settings.h"
#include "mobile/charactr.h"
#include "network/client.h"
#include "network/packethelper.h"
#include "network/packets.h"
#include "ufunc.h"
#include "uoclient.h"

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void Pol::Core::send_full_statmsg (Network::Client *client, Mobile::Character *chr)
void Pol::Core::send_short_statmsg (Network::Client *client, Mobile::Character *chr)
void Pol::Core::send_stat_locks (Network::Client *client, Mobile::Character *chr)
void Pol::Core::send_update_hits_to_inrange (Mobile::Character *chr)

Detailed Description

  • 2006/05/23 Shinigami: send_full_statmsg() updated to support Elfs
  • 2009/07/23 MuadDib: updates for new Enum::Packet Out ID
  • 2009/08/09 MuadDib: Re factor of Packet 0x25, 0x11 for naming convention
  • 2009/09/06 Turley: Changed Version checks to bitfield client->ClientType
  • 2009/12/02 Turley: fixed 0x11 packet (race flag)

Definition in file statmsg.cpp.