Pol  Revision:cb584c9
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10 #ifndef UOFILE_H
11 #define UOFILE_H
13 #include "ustruct.h"
15 #include "clidata.h"
16 #include "uconst.h"
18 #include <vector>
20 namespace Pol
21 {
22 #define MAX_STATICS_PER_BLOCK 10000
24 namespace Core
25 {
26 extern void safe_getmapinfo( unsigned short x, unsigned short y, short* z, USTRUCT_MAPINFO* mi );
27 void rawmapfullread();
28 void getmapinfo( unsigned short x, unsigned short y, short* z, USTRUCT_MAPINFO* mi );
29 void readtile( unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_TILE* tile );
30 void readtile( unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_TILE_HSA* tile );
31 void clear_tiledata();
32 void readstaticblock( std::vector<USTRUCT_STATIC>* ppst, int* pnum, unsigned short x,
33  unsigned short y );
34 void rawstaticfullread();
37 void read_objinfo( u16 graphic, struct USTRUCT_TILE& objinfo );
38 void read_objinfo( u16 graphic, struct USTRUCT_TILE_HSA& objinfo );
39 void readlandtile( unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_LAND_TILE* landtile );
40 void readlandtile( unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_LAND_TILE_HSA* landtile );
42 void open_uo_data_files( void );
43 void read_uo_data( void );
44 void readwater();
46 extern int uo_mapid;
47 extern int uo_usedif;
48 extern bool uo_readuop;
49 extern unsigned short uo_map_width;
50 extern unsigned short uo_map_height;
52 extern int cfg_max_statics_per_block;
56 extern bool cfg_use_new_hsa_format;
57 }
58 }
59 #endif
void readtile(unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_TILE *tile)
Definition: uofile01.cpp:89
void open_uo_data_files(void)
Definition: uofile00.cpp:91
void clear_tiledata()
Definition: uofile01.cpp:389
bool cfg_show_illegal_graphic_warning
Definition: polfile1.cpp:28
void read_objinfo(u16 graphic, struct USTRUCT_TILE &objinfo)
Definition: uofile01.cpp:223
void getmapinfo(unsigned short x, unsigned short y, short *z, USTRUCT_MAPINFO *mi)
Definition: uofile08.cpp:99
bool uo_readuop
Definition: uofile00.cpp:87
bool cfg_show_roof_and_platform_warning
Definition: mapfunc.cpp:20
bool cfg_use_new_hsa_format
Definition: uofile02.cpp:40
void readlandtile(unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_LAND_TILE *landtile)
Definition: uofile01.cpp:163
int uo_mapid
Definition: uofile00.cpp:85
void rawstaticfullread()
Definition: uofile02.cpp:85
unsigned short u16
Definition: rawtypes.h:26
void readwater()
Definition: uofile04.cpp:25
void safe_getmapinfo(unsigned short x, unsigned short y, short *z, USTRUCT_MAPINFO *mi)
Definition: uofile08.cpp:129
int cfg_max_statics_per_block
Definition: uofile02.cpp:38
void readstaticblock(std::vector< USTRUCT_STATIC > *ppst, int *pnum, unsigned short x, unsigned short y)
Definition: uofile02.cpp:68
unsigned short uo_map_height
Definition: uofile00.cpp:90
void rawmapfullread()
Definition: uofile08.cpp:50
void read_uo_data(void)
Definition: uofile01.cpp:414
unsigned short uo_map_width
Definition: uofile00.cpp:89
int uo_usedif
Definition: uofile00.cpp:86
Definition: berror.cpp:12
int cfg_warning_statics_per_block
Definition: uofile02.cpp:39