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Pol::Accounts Namespace Reference


class  Account
class  AccountObjImp
class  AccountPtrHolder


Accountcreate_new_account (const std::string &acctname, const std::string &password, bool enabled)
int delete_account (const char *acctname)
Accountduplicate_account (const std::string &oldacctname, const std::string &newacctname)
Accountfind_account (const char *acctname)
void read_account_data ()
void reload_account_data (void)
void reread_account (Clib::ConfigElem &elem)
void write_account_data ()
void write_account_data_task (void)


Bscript::BApplicObjType accountobjimp_type

Function Documentation

Account * Pol::Accounts::create_new_account ( const std::string &  acctname,
const std::string &  password,
bool  enabled 
void Pol::Accounts::write_account_data_task ( void  )

Definition at line 240 of file accounts.cpp.

References Pol::Plib::systemstate, and write_account_data().

Variable Documentation

Bscript::BApplicObjType Pol::Accounts::accountobjimp_type

Definition at line 56 of file acscrobj.cpp.