Pol  Revision:cb584c9
opnew.cpp File Reference
#include "logfacility.h"
#include "opnew.h"
#include "pol_global_config.h"

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void Pol::Clib::PrintHeapData ()


static unsigned int Pol::Clib::blocks_allocated = 0
static unsigned int Pol::Clib::bytes_allocated = 0
static unsigned int Pol::Clib::last_blocks_allocated = 0
static unsigned int Pol::Clib::last_bytes_allocated = 0

Detailed Description

  • 2005/06/20 Shinigami: extended new/delete operator with linux malloc_usable_size added memory block classification to analyze a little bit (needs defined MEMORYLEAK)
  • 2006/10/06 Shinigami: Linux needs malloc.h for malloc_usable_size FreeBSD 6.1 doesn't know malloc_usable_size (FreeBSD 7.0 will support it)
  • 2007/04/28 Shinigami: polcore().internal information will be logged in excel-friendly format too (leak.log)

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