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25 #ifndef SSOPT_H
26 #define SSOPT_H
28 #include <string>
29 #include <vector>
31 namespace Pol
32 {
33 namespace Clib
34 {
35 class ConfigElem;
36 }
38 namespace Core
39 {
41 {
43  unsigned int dblclick_wait;
45  unsigned int default_decay_time;
46  unsigned short default_doubleclick_range;
48  unsigned short default_light_level;
50  unsigned int max_pathfind_range;
56  unsigned short invul_tag;
57  unsigned short uo_feature_enable;
58  unsigned short starting_gold;
59  unsigned short item_color_mask;
60  unsigned char default_max_slots;
70  unsigned short default_attribute_cap;
74  unsigned short speech_range;
75  unsigned short whisper_range;
76  unsigned short yell_range;
79  unsigned short core_handled_tags;
80  unsigned char support_faces;
87  unsigned short speedhack_mountrundelay;
88  unsigned short speedhack_mountwalkdelay;
89  unsigned short speedhack_footrundelay;
90  unsigned short speedhack_footwalkdelay;
92  std::vector<std::string> total_stats_at_creation;
97  unsigned char default_character_height;
99  static void read_servspecopt();
100  static void ssopt_parse_totalstats( Clib::ConfigElem& elem );
101 };
102 }
103 }
104 #endif
unsigned short default_doubleclick_range
Definition: ssopt.h:46
std::vector< std::string > total_stats_at_creation
Definition: ssopt.h:92
bool allow_secure_trading_in_warmode
Definition: ssopt.h:42
double carrying_capacity_mod
Definition: ssopt.h:67
unsigned short default_light_level
Definition: ssopt.h:48
unsigned short speedhack_footrundelay
Definition: ssopt.h:89
bool newbie_starting_equipment
Definition: ssopt.h:81
unsigned short default_container_max_items
Definition: ssopt.h:53
unsigned short whisper_range
Definition: ssopt.h:75
unsigned short yell_range
Definition: ssopt.h:76
unsigned short speedhack_footwalkdelay
Definition: ssopt.h:90
bool honor_unequip_script_on_death
Definition: ssopt.h:85
bool mobiles_block_npc_movement
Definition: ssopt.h:95
unsigned short default_attribute_cap
Definition: ssopt.h:70
unsigned short core_handled_tags
Definition: ssopt.h:79
bool core_sends_season
Definition: ssopt.h:78
int default_accessible_range
Definition: ssopt.h:47
unsigned short starting_gold
Definition: ssopt.h:58
bool core_sends_guildmsgs
Definition: ssopt.h:94
unsigned char default_max_slots
Definition: ssopt.h:60
bool speedhack_prevention
Definition: ssopt.h:82
bool event_visibility_core_checks
Definition: ssopt.h:49
bool scripted_merchant_handlers
Definition: ssopt.h:84
unsigned int max_pathfind_range
Definition: ssopt.h:50
unsigned short uo_feature_enable
Definition: ssopt.h:57
unsigned int dblclick_wait
Definition: ssopt.h:43
bool seperate_speechtoken
Definition: ssopt.h:93
bool force_new_objcache_packets
Definition: ssopt.h:63
unsigned short speech_range
Definition: ssopt.h:74
unsigned char default_character_height
Definition: ssopt.h:97
unsigned short invul_tag
Definition: ssopt.h:56
unsigned short default_container_max_weight
Definition: ssopt.h:54
unsigned int default_decay_time
Definition: ssopt.h:45
unsigned char support_faces
Definition: ssopt.h:80
bool hidden_turns_count
Definition: ssopt.h:55
bool core_handled_locks
Definition: ssopt.h:65
bool allow_moving_trade
Definition: ssopt.h:64
unsigned short speedhack_mountrundelay
Definition: ssopt.h:87
unsigned short item_color_mask
Definition: ssopt.h:59
bool use_tile_flag_prefix
Definition: ssopt.h:52
bool privacy_paperdoll
Definition: ssopt.h:62
Definition: berror.cpp:12
unsigned short speedhack_mountwalkdelay
Definition: ssopt.h:88
bool movement_uses_stamina
Definition: ssopt.h:51