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uofile01.cpp File Reference
#include <cstdio>
#include <cstring>
#include "../clib/passert.h"
#include "../clib/rawtypes.h"
#include "../plib/systemstate.h"
#include "uofile.h"
#include "uofilei.h"
#include "ustruct.h"

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struct  Pol::Core::TileData
struct  Pol::Core::VerdataIndexes




#define TILEDATA_TILES   0x68800
#define TILEDATA_TILES_HSA   0x78800


bool Pol::Core::check_verdata (unsigned int file, unsigned int block, const Core::USTRUCT_VERSION *&vrec)
void Pol::Core::clear_tiledata ()
unsigned int Pol::Core::landtile_uoflags (unsigned short landtile)
static void Pol::Core::read_landtiledata ()
void Pol::Core::read_objinfo (u16 graphic, struct USTRUCT_TILE &objinfo)
void Pol::Core::read_objinfo (u16 graphic, struct USTRUCT_TILE_HSA &objinfo)
static void Pol::Core::read_tiledata ()
void Pol::Core::read_uo_data (void)
static void Pol::Core::read_veridx ()
void Pol::Core::readlandtile (unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_LAND_TILE *landtile)
void Pol::Core::readlandtile (unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_LAND_TILE_HSA *landtile)
void Pol::Core::readtile (unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_TILE *tile)
void Pol::Core::readtile (unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_TILE_HSA *tile)
static bool Pol::Core::seekto_newer_version (unsigned int file, unsigned int block)
unsigned int Pol::Core::tile_uoflags (unsigned short tilenum)
char Pol::Core::tileheight (unsigned short tilenum)
unsigned char Pol::Core::tilelayer (unsigned short tilenum)
unsigned short Pol::Core::tileweight (unsigned short tilenum)


unsigned int Pol::Core::landtile_flags_arr [N_LANDTILEDATA]
const unsigned Pol::Core::N_LANDTILEDATA = 0x4000
TileData * Pol::Core::tiledata
VerdataIndexes Pol::Core::vidx [32]
const unsigned int Pol::Core::vidx_count = 32

Detailed Description

  • 2009/12/02 Turley: added config.max_tile_id - Tomi

Definition in file uofile01.cpp.

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#define TILEDATA_TILES   0x68800

Definition at line 23 of file uofile01.cpp.

Referenced by Pol::Core::readtile().

#define TILEDATA_TILES_HSA   0x78800

Definition at line 24 of file uofile01.cpp.

Referenced by Pol::Core::readtile().


Definition at line 22 of file uofile01.cpp.

Referenced by Pol::Core::readlandtile(), and Pol::Core::readtile().