Pol  Revision:cb584c9
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11 #ifndef POLCFG_H
12 #define POLCFG_H
14 #include <string>
16 #include "crypt/cryptkey.h"
17 #if !defined( _WIN32 )
18 #include <sys/stat.h>
19 #include <sys/types.h>
20 #endif
21 namespace Pol
22 {
23 namespace Core
24 {
25 struct PolConfig
26 {
27  std::string uo_datafile_root;
28  std::string world_data_path;
29  std::string realm_data_path;
30  std::string pidfile_path;
31  unsigned short listen_port;
32  bool verbose;
33  unsigned short loglevel; // 0=nothing 10=lots
34  unsigned short select_timeout_usecs;
35  bool watch_rpm;
44  unsigned short multithread;
45  bool web_server;
46  unsigned short web_server_port;
48  unsigned short web_server_debug;
49  std::string web_server_password;
60  unsigned short min_cmdlevel_to_login;
61  unsigned int max_tile_id;
62  unsigned int max_objtype;
64  unsigned short max_clients;
65  unsigned short character_slots;
72  unsigned short debug_port;
73  std::string debug_password;
78  unsigned short debug_level;
85  int shutdown_save_type; // either SAVE_FULL or SAVE_INCREMENTAL
88  std::string minidump_type;
102  bool report_program_aborts();
106  std::string report_admin_email;
107  std::string report_server;
108  std::string report_url;
110  static void read_pol_config( bool initial_load );
111  static struct stat pol_cfg_stat;
112  static void reload_pol_cfg();
113 };
114 }
115 }
116 #endif
bool require_spellbooks
Definition: polcfg.h:53
int assertion_shutdown_save_type
Definition: polcfg.h:86
unsigned short web_server_debug
Definition: polcfg.h:48
bool check_integrity
Definition: polcfg.h:39
bool enable_debug_log
Definition: polcfg.h:70
unsigned short debug_level
Definition: polcfg.h:78
unsigned short max_clients
Definition: polcfg.h:64
std::string debug_password
Definition: polcfg.h:73
std::string world_data_path
Definition: polcfg.h:28
static void read_pol_config(bool initial_load)
Definition: polcfg.cpp:46
bool report_rtc_scripts
Definition: polcfg.h:79
unsigned int runaway_script_threshold
Definition: polcfg.h:55
unsigned short listen_port
Definition: polcfg.h:31
bool enforce_mount_objtype
Definition: polcfg.h:95
bool enable_secure_trading
Definition: polcfg.h:54
bool retain_cleartext_passwords
Definition: polcfg.h:82
bool debug_local_only
Definition: polcfg.h:74
static void reload_pol_cfg()
Definition: polcfg.cpp:281
std::string web_server_password
Definition: polcfg.h:49
unsigned short max_clients_bypass_cmdlevel
Definition: polcfg.h:66
std::string report_server
Definition: polcfg.h:107
unsigned int max_tile_id
Definition: polcfg.h:61
std::string report_url
Definition: polcfg.h:108
bool show_realm_info
Definition: polcfg.h:94
bool exp_los_checks_map
Definition: polcfg.h:69
unsigned short debug_port
Definition: polcfg.h:72
int shutdown_save_type
Definition: polcfg.h:85
Crypt::TCryptInfo client_encryption_version
Definition: polcfg.h:43
unsigned short loglevel
Definition: polcfg.h:33
bool log_traces_when_stuck
Definition: polcfg.h:76
unsigned short select_timeout_usecs
Definition: polcfg.h:34
bool ignore_load_errors
Definition: polcfg.h:56
bool display_unknown_packets
Definition: polcfg.h:68
static struct stat pol_cfg_stat
Definition: polcfg.h:111
unsigned short multithread
Definition: polcfg.h:44
bool web_server_local_only
Definition: polcfg.h:47
std::string pidfile_path
Definition: polcfg.h:30
unsigned short web_server_port
Definition: polcfg.h:46
std::string minidump_type
Definition: polcfg.h:88
bool report_missing_configs
Definition: polcfg.h:81
unsigned short min_cmdlevel_to_login
Definition: polcfg.h:60
bool show_speech_colors
Definition: polcfg.h:52
bool cache_interactive_scripts
Definition: polcfg.h:51
bool single_thread_decay
Definition: polcfg.h:96
bool use_single_thread_login
Definition: polcfg.h:91
bool count_resource_tiles
Definition: polcfg.h:42
std::string report_admin_email
Definition: polcfg.h:106
bool allow_multi_clients_per_account
Definition: polcfg.h:67
unsigned short inactivity_disconnect_timeout
Definition: polcfg.h:59
unsigned short inactivity_warning_timeout
Definition: polcfg.h:58
bool report_program_aborts()
Returns true if program aborts are reported.
Definition: polcfg.cpp:306
std::string realm_data_path
Definition: polcfg.h:29
std::string uo_datafile_root
Definition: polcfg.h:27
bool report_critical_scripts
Definition: polcfg.h:80
bool discard_old_events
Definition: polcfg.h:83
unsigned short character_slots
Definition: polcfg.h:65
Definition: berror.cpp:12
bool log_script_cycles
Definition: polcfg.h:41
bool thread_decay_statistics
Definition: polcfg.h:97
unsigned int max_objtype
Definition: polcfg.h:62
unsigned short min_cmdlvl_ignore_inactivity
Definition: polcfg.h:57