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Todo List
File customhouses.cpp
Will require a special Character member to check in all kinds of places. Character.EditHouse=0/1 The purpose, is to make NPCs IGNORE THIS PERSON, and to NOT send ANY packets about this person to ANYONE. This will also need to be checked when using all sorts of crap. Like when triggering equip/insert/item use/etc. This char should be able to do NOTHING except edit the house when in edit house mode, etc. Enabling this mode can be internal only, simply by linking it with the Custom housing tool. Have a script that can be made to run additional stuff with using the tool, so scripters can check extra stuff if they want, etc, and that script's return decides if to activate the housing tool. Should suffice.
File dynproperties.h
Is it worse it to combine e.g resistances struct? 5 * s16 24+12*5 -> 84 Combining means storage as boost::any: 24+(16+5*2) -> 50 But only valid if all 5 props are really set, if only 2 props are set variant is smaller-> 24+12*2=48 Different idea combine per resistance type mod and real value: for variant its still 24+12*5 -> 84 any would use 24+(16+5*2)*2 -> 76 (but again only if all props are set) Combining would use the u32 size for a prop in a variant without loss (2*s16) -> 8 props can be stored with less space
Member Pol::Bscript::ObjArray::operator== (const BObjectImp &objimp) const POL_OVERRIDE
check structure names too?
Member Pol::Module::MathExecutorModule::mf_FormatRealToString ()
: sprintf produces different output on some doubles (eg. M_PI) on Windows/Linux. Use something else? 2016-01-23 Bodom