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Downloadable Version (2021-10-20)


Packet Name: Generic AOS Commands
Last Modified: 2021-09-18 06:25:03
Modified By: Turley

Packet: 0xD7
Sent By: Both
Size: Variable

Packet Build
BYTE[1] Command
BYTE[2] Length
BYTE[4] Player Serial
BYTE[2] SubCommand to Follow

Subcommand Build
SubCommand 0x02: Backup
BYTE[1] 07

SubCommand 0x03: Restore
BYTE[1] 07

SubCommand 0x04: Commit
BYTE[1] 07

SubCommand 0x05: DeleteItem
BYTE[1] unknown (0)
BYTE[2] unknown (0)
BYTE[2] item graphic
BYTE[1] unknown (0)
BYTE[4] X Pos
BYTE[1] unknown (0)
BYTE[4] Y Pos
BYTE[1] unknown (0)
BYTE[4] z Pos (7)
BYTE[1] terminator (0x07)

SubCommand 0x06: AddItem
BYTE[1] unknown (0)
BYTE[2] unknown (0)
BYTE[2] itemGraphic
BYTE[1] unknown (0)
BYTE[4] XPos
BYTE[1] unknown (0)
BYTE[4] YPos
BYTE[1] terminator (0x07)

SubCommand 0x0C: Exit House Tool
BYTE[1] unknwon (0x07)

SubCommand 0x0D: Change Stairs
BYTE[1] unknown (0x00)
BYTE[1] unknown (0x00)
BYTE[1] unknown (0x00)
BYTE[2] multiid
BYTE[1] unknown (0x00)
BYTE[2] X Position (Relative to center of house)
BYTE[1] unknown (0x00)
BYTE[2] Y Position (Relative to center of house)
BYTE[1] unknown (0x00)

SubCommand 0x0E: Synch Button
BYTE[1] Unknown (0x07)

SubCommand 0x10: Clear Button
BYTE[1] Unknown (0x07)

SubCommand 0x12: ChangeFloor
BYTE[4] unknown (0)
BYTE[1] Floor#
BYTE[1] terminator (0x07)

SubCommand 0x1A: Revert Button
BYTE[1] Unknown (0x07)

SubCommand 0x19: Combat Book Abilities
BYTE[4] 00 00 00 00 = Unknown. Always like this in all my testing
BYTE[1] The ability "number" used
BYTE[1] 0A

SubCommand 0x28: Guild Button
BYTE[1] Unknown (0x07)

SubCommand 0x32: Quest Button
BYTE[1] Unknown (0x07)

Submitted information. untested and unverified.

Subcommand 0x02: This is sent when the client pushed the Backup button in the customization screen. Unsure what it triggers on the server since house building is totally handled client side until submitted.

SubCommand 0x03: Sent when client pushes the Restore button in the customization menu. Will need testing to see exact purpose of 2 and 3 subs. Possible the server could request current "layout" that is not yet commited to save the design without commiting to be later restored with this command.

SubCommand 0x04: Sent when client pushes the Commit Button.

SubCommand 0x05: Sent when client chooses to destroy items.

SubCommand 0x06: Sent when client Chooses to add items.

SubCommand 0x0C: Sent when client pushes the Exit Button.

SubCommand 0x0D: Sent when client adds stairs to the multi in edit mode.

SubCommand 0x0E: Sent when client pushes the Synch Button.

SubCommand 0x10: Sent when client pushes the Clear Button.

SubCommand 0x12: Sent when client pushes the Change Floor Buttons.

SubCommand 0x1A: Sent when client pushes the Revert Button.

SubCommand 0x19: Sent when client pushes the icones from the combat book.
The server uses an 0xBF Subcommand 0x21 Packet to cancel the red color of
icons, and reset the status of them on client.
Valid Ability Numbers:
0x00 = Cancel Ability Attempt
0x01 = Armor Ignore
0x02 = Bleed Attack
0x03 = Concusion Blow
0x04 = Crushing Blow
0x05 = Disarm
0x06 = Dismount
0x07 = Double Strike
0x08 = Infecting
0x09 = Mortal Strike
0x0A = Moving Shot
0x0B = Paralyzing Blow
0x0C = Shadow Strike
0x0D = Whirlwind Attack
0x0E = Riding Swipe
0x0F = Frenzied Whirlwind
0x10 = Block
0x11 = Defense Mastery
0x12 = Nerve Strike
0x13 = Talon Strike
0x14 = Feint
0x15 = Dual Wield
0x16 = Double shot
0x17 = Armor Peirce
0x18 = Bladeweave
0x19 = Force Arrow
0x1A = Lightning Arrow
0x1B = Psychic Attack
0x1C = Serpent Arrow
0x1D = Force of Nature

SubCommand 0x28: Sent when client pushes the Guild Button on the paperdoll.

SubCommand 0x32: Sent when client pushes the Quest Button on the paperdoll.


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[0x56] Map Packet (cartography/treasure)
[0x66] Books (Pages)
[0x6C] Target Cursor Commands
[0x6F] Secure Trading
[0x71] Bulletin Board Messages
[0x72] Request War Mode
[0x73] Ping Message
[0x93] Book Header ( Old )
[0x95] Dye Window
[0x98] All Names (3D Client Only)
[0x99] Give Boat/House Placement View
[0x9A] Console Entry Prompt
[0xB8] Request/Char Profile
[0xBB] Ultima Messenger
[0xBD] Client Version
[0xBE] Assist Version
[0xBF] General Information Packet
[0xC2] Unicode TextEntry
[0xC8] Client View Range
[0xC9] Get Area Server Ping (God Client)
[0xCA] Get User Server Ping (God Client)
[0xD0] Configuration File
[0xD1] Logout Status
[0xD4] Book Header ( New )
[0xD6] Mega Cliloc
> [0xD7] Generic AOS Commands
[0xF1] Freeshard List

[0x00] Create Character
[0x01] Disconnect Notification
[0x02] Move Request
[0x03] Talk Request
[0x04] Request God Mode (God Client)
[0x05] Request Attack
[0x06] Double Click
[0x07] Pick Up Item
[0x08] Drop Item
[0x09] Single Click
[0x0A] Edit (God Client)
[0x12] Request Skill etc use
[0x13] Drop->Wear Item
[0x14] Send Elevation (God Client)
[0x1E] Control Animation
[0x34] Get Player Status
[0x35] Add Resource (God Client)
[0x37] Move Item (God Client)
[0x38] Pathfinding in Client
[0x3B] Buy Item(s)
[0x45] Version OK
[0x46] New Artwork
[0x47] New Terrain
[0x48] New Animation
[0x49] New Hues
[0x4A] Delete Art
[0x4B] Check Client Version
[0x4C] Script Names
[0x4D] Edit Script File
[0x50] Board Header
[0x51] Board Message
[0x52] Board Post Message
[0x57] Update Regions
[0x58] Add Region
[0x59] New Context FX
[0x5A] Update Context FX
[0x5C] Restart Version
[0x5D] Login Character
[0x5E] Server Listing
[0x5F] Server List Add Entry
[0x60] Server List Remove Entry
[0x61] Remove Static Object
[0x62] Move Static Object
[0x63] Load Area
[0x64] Load Area Request
[0x69] Change Text/Emote Colors
[0x75] Rename Character
[0x7D] Response To Dialog Box
[0x80] Login Request
[0x83] Delete Character
[0x8D] Character Creation ( KR + SA 3D clients only )
[0x91] Game Server Login
[0x9B] Request Help
[0x9F] Sell List Reply
[0xA0] Select Server
[0xA4] Client Spy
[0xA7] Request Tip/Notice Window
[0xAC] Gump Text Entry Dialog Reply
[0xAD] Unicode/Ascii speech request
[0xB1] Gump Menu Selection
[0xB3] Chat Text
[0xB5] Open Chat Window
[0xB6] Send Help/Tip Request
[0xC5] Invalid Map (Request?)
[0xD9] Spy On Client
[0xE0] Bug Report (KR)
[0xE1] Client Type (KR/SA)
[0xEC] Equip Macro (KR)
[0xED] Unequip Item Macro (KR)
[0xEF] KR/2D Client Login/Seed
[0xF8] Character Creation ( )
[0xFA] Open UO Store
[0xFB] Update View Public House Contents

[0x0B] Damage
[0x11] Status Bar Info
[0x16] New Health bar status update (SA)
[0x17] Health bar status update (KR)
[0x1A] Object Info
[0x1B] Char Locale and Body
[0x1C] Send Speech
[0x1D] Delete Object
[0x1F] Explosion
[0x20] Draw Game Player
[0x21] Char Move Rejection
[0x23] Dragging Of Item
[0x24] Draw Container
[0x25] Add Item To Container
[0x26] Kick Player
[0x27] Reject Move Item Request
[0x28] Drop Item Failed/Clear Square (God Client?)
[0x29] Drop Item Approved
[0x2A] Blood
[0x2B] God Mode (God Client)
[0x2D] Mob Attributes
[0x2E] Worn Item
[0x2F] Fight Occuring
[0x30] Attack Ok
[0x31] Attack Ended
[0x32] Unknown
[0x33] Pause Client
[0x36] Resource Tile Data (God Client
[0x3C] Add multiple Items In Container
[0x3E] Versions (God Client)
[0x3F] Update Statics (God Client)
[0x4E] Personal Light Level
[0x4F] Overall Light Level
[0x53] Reject Character Logon
[0x54] Play Sound Effect
[0x55] Login Complete
[0x5B] Time
[0x65] Set Weather
[0x6D] Play Midi Music
[0x6E] Character Animation
[0x70] Graphical Effect
[0x74] Open Buy Window
[0x76] New Subserver
[0x77] Update Player
[0x78] Draw Object
[0x7C] Open Dialog Box
[0x82] Login Denied
[0x86] Resend Characters After Delete
[0x88] Open Paperdoll
[0x89] Corpse Clothing
[0x8C] Connect To Game Server
[0x90] Map Message
[0x97] Move Player
[0x9C] Request Assistance
[0x9E] Sell List
[0xA1] Update Current Health
[0xA2] Update Current Mana
[0xA3] Update Current Stamina
[0xA5] Open Web Browser
[0xA6] Tip/Notice Window
[0xA8] Game Server List
[0xA9] Characters / Starting Locations
[0xAA] Allow/Refuse Attack
[0xAB] Gump Text Entry Dialog
[0xAE] Unicode Speech message
[0xAF] Display Death Action
[0xB0] Send Gump Menu Dialog
[0xB2] Chat Message
[0xB7] Help/Tip Data
[0xB9] Enable locked client features
[0xBA] Quest Arrow
[0xBC] Seasonal Information
[0xC0] Graphical Effect
[0xC1] Cliloc Message
[0xC4] Semivisible (Smurf it!)
[0xC6] Invalid Map Enable
[0xC7] 3D Particle Effect
[0xCB] Global Que Count
[0xCC] Cliloc Message Affix
[0xD2] Extended 0x20
[0xD3] Extended 0x78
[0xD8] Send Custom House
[0xDB] Character Transfer Log
[0xDC] SE Introduced Revision
[0xDD] Compressed Gump
[0xDE] Update Mobile Status
[0xDF] Buff/Debuff System
[0xE2] New Character Animation (KR)
[0xE3] KR Encryption Response
[0xF0] Krrios client special
[0xF3] Object Information (SA)
[0xF5] New Map Message