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Downloadable Version (2021-10-20)


Packet Name: Buff/Debuff System
Last Modified: 2019-01-22 20:44:05
Modified By: DevGIB

Packet: 0xDF
Sent By: Server
Size: variable

Packet Build
Pre client 5.0.2b-
BYTE[1] Cmd
BYTE[2] Length
BYTE[4] Serial of player
BYTE[2] Icon Number to show
BYTE[2] 0x1 = Show, 0x0 = Remove. On remove byte, packet ends here.
BYTE[4] 0x00000000
BYTE[2] Icon Number to show.
BYTE[2] 0x1 = Show
BYTE[4] 0x00000000
BYTE[2] Time in seconds (simple countdown without automatic remove)
BYTE[2] 0x0000
BYTE[1] 0x00
BYTE[4] Cliloc message ID1
BYTE[4] Cliloc message ID2
BYTE[4] 0x00000000
BYTE[2] 0x0001
BYTE[len(str)*2] Flipped Unicode String (" "+str) (To seperate the entrys add " ")
BYTE[2] 0x0000

Post Client 5.0.2b-
BYTE[1] Cmd
BYTE[2] Length
BYTE[4] Serial of player
BYTE[2] Attirbute ID/Buff Icon ID

Subcommand Build

This is a submitted packet, information here is yet to be verified. Use at own risk.

List of current Icon Names:
(cliloc message numbers in brackets)

1001: Dismount (cliloc1=1075635,cliloc2=1075636)
1002: Disarm (cliloc1=1075637,cliloc2=1075638)
1005: Nightsight (cliloc1=1075643,cliloc2=1075644)
1006: Death Strike
1007: Evil Omen
1008: unknown? (GumpID 0x7556)
1009: Regeneration (cliloc1=1044106,cliloc2=1075106)
1010: Divine Fury
1011: Enemy Of One
1012: Stealth (cliloc1=1044107,cliloc2=1075655)
1013: Active Meditation (cliloc1=1044106,cliloc2=1075106)
1014: Blood Oath caster
1015: Blood Oath curse
1016: Corpse Skin
1017: Mindrot
1018: Pain Spike
1019: Strangle
1020: Gift of Renewal
1021: Attune Weapon
1022: Thunderstorm
1023: Essence of Wind
1024: Ethereal Voyage
1025: Gift Of Life
1026: Arcane Empowerment
1027: Mortal Strike
1028: Reactive Armor (cliloc1=1075812,cliloc2=1075813)
1029: Protection (cliloc1=1075814,cliloc2=1075815)
1030: Arch Protection (cliloc1=1075816,cliloc2=1075816)
1031: Magic Reflection (cliloc1=1075817,cliloc2=1075818)
1032: Incognito (cliloc1=1075819,cliloc2=1075820)
1033: Disguised
1034: Animal Form
1035: Polymorph (cliloc1=1075824,cliloc2=1075820)
1036: Invisibility (cliloc1=1075825,cliloc2=1075826)
1037: Paralyze (cliloc1=1075827,cliloc2=1075828)
1038: Poison (cliloc1=0x0F8627, cliloc2=0x1069B1)
1039: Bleed (cliloc1=0x106a75,cliloc2=0x106a76)
1040: Clumsy (cliloc1=0x106a77,cliloc2=0x106a78)
1041: Feeble Mind (cliloc1=0x106a79,cliloc2=0x106a7a)
1042: Weaken (cliloc1=1075837,cliloc2=1075838)
1043: Curse (cliloc1=1075835,cliloc2=1075836)
1044: Mass Curse (cliloc1=0x106a7f,cliloc2=0x106a80)
1045: Agility (cliloc1=0x106a81,cliloc2=0x106a82)
1046: Cunning (cliloc1=0x106a83,cliloc2=0x106a84)
1047: Strength (cliloc1=0x106a85,cliloc2=0x106a86)
1048: Bless (cliloc1=0x106a87,cliloc2=0x106a88)


Show All
Sort By ID

[0x0C] Edit Tile Data (God Client)
[0x15] Follow
[0x22] Character Move ACK/ Resync Request
[0x2C] Resurrection Menu
[0x39] Remove (Group)
[0x3A] Send Skills
[0x56] Map Packet (cartography/treasure)
[0x66] Books (Pages)
[0x6C] Target Cursor Commands
[0x6F] Secure Trading
[0x71] Bulletin Board Messages
[0x72] Request War Mode
[0x73] Ping Message
[0x93] Book Header ( Old )
[0x95] Dye Window
[0x98] All Names (3D Client Only)
[0x99] Give Boat/House Placement View
[0x9A] Console Entry Prompt
[0xB8] Request/Char Profile
[0xBB] Ultima Messenger
[0xBD] Client Version
[0xBE] Assist Version
[0xBF] General Information Packet
[0xC2] Unicode TextEntry
[0xC8] Client View Range
[0xC9] Get Area Server Ping (God Client)
[0xCA] Get User Server Ping (God Client)
[0xD0] Configuration File
[0xD1] Logout Status
[0xD4] Book Header ( New )
[0xD6] Mega Cliloc
[0xD7] Generic AOS Commands
[0xF1] Freeshard List

[0x00] Create Character
[0x01] Disconnect Notification
[0x02] Move Request
[0x03] Talk Request
[0x04] Request God Mode (God Client)
[0x05] Request Attack
[0x06] Double Click
[0x07] Pick Up Item
[0x08] Drop Item
[0x09] Single Click
[0x0A] Edit (God Client)
[0x12] Request Skill etc use
[0x13] Drop->Wear Item
[0x14] Send Elevation (God Client)
[0x1E] Control Animation
[0x34] Get Player Status
[0x35] Add Resource (God Client)
[0x37] Move Item (God Client)
[0x38] Pathfinding in Client
[0x3B] Buy Item(s)
[0x45] Version OK
[0x46] New Artwork
[0x47] New Terrain
[0x48] New Animation
[0x49] New Hues
[0x4A] Delete Art
[0x4B] Check Client Version
[0x4C] Script Names
[0x4D] Edit Script File
[0x50] Board Header
[0x51] Board Message
[0x52] Board Post Message
[0x57] Update Regions
[0x58] Add Region
[0x59] New Context FX
[0x5A] Update Context FX
[0x5C] Restart Version
[0x5D] Login Character
[0x5E] Server Listing
[0x5F] Server List Add Entry
[0x60] Server List Remove Entry
[0x61] Remove Static Object
[0x62] Move Static Object
[0x63] Load Area
[0x64] Load Area Request
[0x69] Change Text/Emote Colors
[0x75] Rename Character
[0x7D] Response To Dialog Box
[0x80] Login Request
[0x83] Delete Character
[0x8D] Character Creation ( KR + SA 3D clients only )
[0x91] Game Server Login
[0x9B] Request Help
[0x9F] Sell List Reply
[0xA0] Select Server
[0xA4] Client Spy
[0xA7] Request Tip/Notice Window
[0xAC] Gump Text Entry Dialog Reply
[0xAD] Unicode/Ascii speech request
[0xB1] Gump Menu Selection
[0xB3] Chat Text
[0xB5] Open Chat Window
[0xB6] Send Help/Tip Request
[0xC5] Invalid Map (Request?)
[0xD9] Spy On Client
[0xE0] Bug Report (KR)
[0xE1] Client Type (KR/SA)
[0xEC] Equip Macro (KR)
[0xED] Unequip Item Macro (KR)
[0xEF] KR/2D Client Login/Seed
[0xF8] Character Creation ( )
[0xFA] Open UO Store
[0xFB] Update View Public House Contents

[0x0B] Damage
[0x11] Status Bar Info
[0x16] New Health bar status update (SA)
[0x17] Health bar status update (KR)
[0x1A] Object Info
[0x1B] Char Locale and Body
[0x1C] Send Speech
[0x1D] Delete Object
[0x1F] Explosion
[0x20] Draw Game Player
[0x21] Char Move Rejection
[0x23] Dragging Of Item
[0x24] Draw Container
[0x25] Add Item To Container
[0x26] Kick Player
[0x27] Reject Move Item Request
[0x28] Drop Item Failed/Clear Square (God Client?)
[0x29] Drop Item Approved
[0x2A] Blood
[0x2B] God Mode (God Client)
[0x2D] Mob Attributes
[0x2E] Worn Item
[0x2F] Fight Occuring
[0x30] Attack Ok
[0x31] Attack Ended
[0x32] Unknown
[0x33] Pause Client
[0x36] Resource Tile Data (God Client
[0x3C] Add multiple Items In Container
[0x3E] Versions (God Client)
[0x3F] Update Statics (God Client)
[0x4E] Personal Light Level
[0x4F] Overall Light Level
[0x53] Reject Character Logon
[0x54] Play Sound Effect
[0x55] Login Complete
[0x5B] Time
[0x65] Set Weather
[0x6D] Play Midi Music
[0x6E] Character Animation
[0x70] Graphical Effect
[0x74] Open Buy Window
[0x76] New Subserver
[0x77] Update Player
[0x78] Draw Object
[0x7C] Open Dialog Box
[0x82] Login Denied
[0x86] Resend Characters After Delete
[0x88] Open Paperdoll
[0x89] Corpse Clothing
[0x8C] Connect To Game Server
[0x90] Map Message
[0x97] Move Player
[0x9C] Request Assistance
[0x9E] Sell List
[0xA1] Update Current Health
[0xA2] Update Current Mana
[0xA3] Update Current Stamina
[0xA5] Open Web Browser
[0xA6] Tip/Notice Window
[0xA8] Game Server List
[0xA9] Characters / Starting Locations
[0xAA] Allow/Refuse Attack
[0xAB] Gump Text Entry Dialog
[0xAE] Unicode Speech message
[0xAF] Display Death Action
[0xB0] Send Gump Menu Dialog
[0xB2] Chat Message
[0xB7] Help/Tip Data
[0xB9] Enable locked client features
[0xBA] Quest Arrow
[0xBC] Seasonal Information
[0xC0] Graphical Effect
[0xC1] Cliloc Message
[0xC4] Semivisible (Smurf it!)
[0xC6] Invalid Map Enable
[0xC7] 3D Particle Effect
[0xCB] Global Que Count
[0xCC] Cliloc Message Affix
[0xD2] Extended 0x20
[0xD3] Extended 0x78
[0xD8] Send Custom House
[0xDB] Character Transfer Log
[0xDC] SE Introduced Revision
[0xDD] Compressed Gump
[0xDE] Update Mobile Status
> [0xDF] Buff/Debuff System
[0xE2] New Character Animation (KR)
[0xE3] KR Encryption Response
[0xF0] Krrios client special
[0xF3] Object Information (SA)
[0xF5] New Map Message