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POL Documentation Site

Note everything on these pages is considered to be IN PROGRESS. Data may and will change, and not all data has been verified (though the best effort was made to produce correct documentation). If you are viewing the downloadable local version of these docs, note the online version may contain more up-to-date information.

I hope you find these documents useful!

Downloadable Version (098): 098 Offline Documentation (2009-10-14)

POL EScript Modules:

Select ATTRIBUTES.EM function:

Select NPC.EM function:
(All of NPC.EM )

Select BASIC.EM function:
(All of BASIC.EM )

Select OS.EM function:
(All of OS.EM )

Select BOAT.EM function:
(All of BOAT.EM )

Select PARTY.EM function:
(All of PARTY.EM )

Select CFGFILE.EM function:
(All of CFGFILE.EM )

Select POLSYS.EM function:
(All of POLSYS.EM )

Select CLILOC.EM function:
(All of CLILOC.EM )

Select STORAGE.EM function:
(All of STORAGE.EM )

Select DATAFILE.EM function:

Select UNICODE.EM function:
(All of UNICODE.EM )

Select FILE.EM function:
(All of FILE.EM )

Select UO.EM function:
(All of UO.EM )

Select GUILDS.EM function:
(All of GUILDS.EM )

Select UTIL.EM function:
(All of UTIL.EM )

Select HTTP.EM function:
(All of HTTP.EM )

Select VITALS.EM function:
(All of VITALS.EM )

Select MATH.EM function:
(All of MATH.EM )