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List of Player Privileges

First grant the privilege with an admin-level character (.grantpriv [name]), then .enable [name]. NPCs may have privilege as well, see npcdesc.cfg.

Last Modified: 08/31/2015

  • all - grants and enables all available privileges
  • attackhidden - char can attack hidden opponents
  • canbeheardasghost - everyone can hear you when speaking as ghost
  • clotheany - can equip items on any character
  • dblclickany - can use any item, regardless of LOS or distance
  • firewhilemoving - swingtimer will not be reset if char is moving with projectile weapon
  • freemove - immune to paralyze, frozen, stamina cost for movement, ignores PushThrough syshook.
  • hearghosts - ghosts are heard normally
  • hiddenattack - char can attack while hidden
  • ignoredoors - doors do not block movement (Note: When using the original client, you can not run through doors without GM or dead graphic, and it has nothing to do with POL. This is a client-side block. No packet will be sent if you trying to walk through a door without GM Form)
  • invul - cannot be killed
  • losany - always has Line-of-sight to any object
  • moveany - can move any item
  • moveanydist - allow moving items regardless of distance
  • plogany - used with startlog and stoplog commands to activate target cursor
  • renameany - can rename any character
  • runwhilestealth - you can run while you are in stealth for as many stealthsteps you have
  • seeghosts - ghosts can always be seen
  • seehidden - hidden characters can be seen
  • seeinvisitems - can see items that are inivisble
  • speedhack - disables Speedhack Prevention for chr