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Pol::Bscript::FunctionalityModule Class Reference

#include <fmodule.h>

Public Types

typedef std::map< std::string, ModuleFunction *, Clib::ci_cmp_predFunctionsByName

Public Member Functions

 FunctionalityModule (const char *modname)
 ~FunctionalityModule ()
void addFunction (const char *funcname, int nparams, UserFunction *uf=NULL)
void fillFunctionsByName ()
bool isFunc (const char *funcName, ModuleFunction **pmf, int *funcidx)

Public Attributes

std::vector< ModuleFunction * > functions
FunctionsByName functionsByName
bool have_indexes
boost_utils::function_name_flystring modulename
std::vector< UserFunction * > owned_userfuncs
std::vector< ModuleFunction * > used_functions

Private Member Functions

 FunctionalityModule (const FunctionalityModule &)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file fmodule.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 46 of file fmodule.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Pol::Bscript::FunctionalityModule::FunctionalityModule ( const char *  modname)

Definition at line 23 of file fmodule.cpp.

Pol::Bscript::FunctionalityModule::~FunctionalityModule ( )

Definition at line 28 of file fmodule.cpp.

References functions, and owned_userfuncs.

Pol::Bscript::FunctionalityModule::FunctionalityModule ( const FunctionalityModule )

Member Function Documentation

void Pol::Bscript::FunctionalityModule::addFunction ( const char *  funcname,
int  nparams,
UserFunction uf = NULL 

Definition at line 43 of file fmodule.cpp.

References functions, and owned_userfuncs.

void Pol::Bscript::FunctionalityModule::fillFunctionsByName ( )

Definition at line 81 of file fmodule.cpp.

References functions, and functionsByName.

Referenced by Pol::Bscript::Compiler::addModule().

bool Pol::Bscript::FunctionalityModule::isFunc ( const char *  funcName,
ModuleFunction **  pmf,
int *  funcidx 

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<ModuleFunction*> Pol::Bscript::FunctionalityModule::functions
FunctionsByName Pol::Bscript::FunctionalityModule::functionsByName

Definition at line 47 of file fmodule.h.

Referenced by fillFunctionsByName(), and isFunc().

bool Pol::Bscript::FunctionalityModule::have_indexes

Definition at line 42 of file fmodule.h.

boost_utils::function_name_flystring Pol::Bscript::FunctionalityModule::modulename

Definition at line 51 of file fmodule.h.

std::vector<UserFunction*> Pol::Bscript::FunctionalityModule::owned_userfuncs

Definition at line 49 of file fmodule.h.

Referenced by addFunction(), and ~FunctionalityModule().

std::vector<ModuleFunction*> Pol::Bscript::FunctionalityModule::used_functions

Definition at line 48 of file fmodule.h.

Referenced by isFunc().

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