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Pol::Bscript::StoredTokenContainer Class Reference

#include <symcont.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Pol::Bscript::StoredTokenContainer:

Public Member Functions

 StoredTokenContainer (int growBy=512)
void append_tok (const StoredToken &token, unsigned *position=NULL)
void atGet1 (unsigned position, StoredToken &token) const
void atPut1 (const StoredToken &token, unsigned position)
unsigned count (void) const
virtual void * detach (void) POL_OVERRIDE
unsigned next (void)
virtual void pack (void) POL_OVERRIDE
virtual void read (FILE *fp) POL_OVERRIDE
virtual void resize (unsigned lengthToAdd) POL_OVERRIDE
void setcount (unsigned newCount)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Pol::Bscript::SymbolContainer
 SymbolContainer (int growBy=512)
virtual ~SymbolContainer ()
void append (const char *string, unsigned &position)
void append (int lvalue, unsigned &position)
void append (double dvalue, unsigned &position)
void append (void *data, unsigned datalen, unsigned &position)
const char * array (void) const
void erase ()
bool findexisting (const void *data, int datalen, unsigned &position)
unsigned int get_write_length () const
unsigned length (void) const
virtual void read (char *fname)
void setlength (unsigned newLen)
virtual void write (FILE *fp)
virtual void write (char *fname)

Public Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Pol::Bscript::SymbolContainer
unsigned allocLen
unsigned growBy
char * s
unsigned usedLen

Detailed Description

Definition at line 85 of file symcont.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Pol::Bscript::StoredTokenContainer::StoredTokenContainer ( int  growBy = 512)

Definition at line 89 of file symcont.h.

References POL_OVERRIDE.

Member Function Documentation

void Pol::Bscript::StoredTokenContainer::append_tok ( const StoredToken token,
unsigned *  position = NULL 
void * Pol::Bscript::StoredTokenContainer::detach ( void  )

Reimplemented from Pol::Bscript::SymbolContainer.

Definition at line 209 of file symcont.cpp.

References Pol::Bscript::SymbolContainer::detach().

void Pol::Bscript::StoredTokenContainer::pack ( void  )
void Pol::Bscript::StoredTokenContainer::read ( FILE *  fp)
void Pol::Bscript::StoredTokenContainer::resize ( unsigned  lengthToAdd)
void Pol::Bscript::StoredTokenContainer::setcount ( unsigned  newCount)

Definition at line 93 of file symcont.h.

References Pol::Bscript::StoredToken::StoredToken().

Referenced by Pol::Bscript::Compiler::rollback().

Member Data Documentation

StoredToken* Pol::Bscript::StoredTokenContainer::ST

Definition at line 88 of file symcont.h.

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