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Pol::Core::UOExecutor Class Reference

#include <uoexec.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Pol::Core::UOExecutor:

Public Member Functions

 UOExecutor ()
virtual ~UOExecutor ()
bool revive ()
virtual size_t sizeEstimate () const POL_OVERRIDE
std::string state ()
bool suspend ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Pol::Bscript::Executor
 Executor ()
virtual ~Executor ()
void addmember2 (BObject &left, const BObject &right)
void addModule (ExecutorModule *module)
void attach_debugger ()
bool AttachFunctionalityModules ()
void calcrunnable ()
void dbg_break ()
void dbg_clrallbp ()
void dbg_clrbp (unsigned atPC)
std::string dbg_get_instruction (size_t atPC) const
void dbg_ins_trace ()
void dbg_run ()
void dbg_setbp (unsigned atPC)
void dbg_step_into ()
void dbg_step_over ()
bool debugging () const
void detach_debugger ()
bool empty_scriptname ()
bool error () const
bool exec ()
void execFunc (const Token &token)
void execInstr ()
ExecutorModulefindModule (const std::string &name)
BApplicObjBasegetApplicObjParam (unsigned param, const BApplicObjType *object_type)
void * getApplicPtrParam (unsigned param, const BApplicObjType *pointer_type)
void getArg (const Token &token)
int getDebugLevel ()
const BLonggetLongParam (unsigned param)
bool getObjArrayParam (unsigned param, ObjArray *&pobjarr)
bool getParam (unsigned param, int &value)
bool getParam (unsigned param, int &value, int maxval)
bool getParam (unsigned param, int &value, int minval, int maxval)
bool getParam (unsigned param, unsigned &value)
bool getParam (unsigned param, unsigned short &value)
bool getParam (unsigned param, unsigned short &value, unsigned short maxval)
bool getParam (unsigned param, unsigned short &value, unsigned short minval, unsigned short maxval)
bool getParam (unsigned param, short &value)
bool getParam (unsigned param, short &value, short maxval)
bool getParam (unsigned param, short &value, short minval, short maxval)
BObjectImpgetParamImp (unsigned param)
BObjectImpgetParamImp (unsigned param, BObjectImp::BObjectType type)
BObjectImpgetParamImp2 (unsigned param, BObjectImp::BObjectType type)
BObjectgetParamObj (unsigned param)
bool getRealParam (unsigned param, double &value)
const StringgetStringParam (unsigned param)
bool getStringParam (unsigned param, const String *&pstr)
int getToken (Token &token, unsigned position)
BObjectRefGlobalVar (unsigned int varnum)
bool halt () const
bool hasParams (unsigned howmany) const
void initForFnCall (unsigned in_PC)
void ins_add (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_addmember (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_addmember2 (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_addmember_assign (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_array (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_array_assign (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_array_assign_consume (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_arraysubscript (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_assign (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_assign_consume (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_assign_globalvar (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_assign_localvar (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_bitshift_left (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_bitshift_right (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_bitwise_and (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_bitwise_not (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_bitwise_or (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_bitwise_xor (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_call_method (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_call_method_id (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_casejmp (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_checkmember (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_consume (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_declareArray (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_dictionary (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_dictionary_addmember (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_div (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_divideequal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_double (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_equal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_error (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_exit (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_func (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_funcref (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_get_arg (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_get_member (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_get_member_id (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_globalvar (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_gosub (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_goto (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_greaterequal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_greaterthan (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_ident (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_in (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_initfor (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_initforeach (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_initforeach2 (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_insert_into (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_jmpiffalse (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_jmpiftrue (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_jsr_userfunc (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_leave_block (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_lessequal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_lessthan (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_localvar (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_logical_and (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_logical_not (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_logical_or (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_long (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_makeLocal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_makelocal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_member (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_minusequal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_modulus (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_modulusequal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_mult (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_multisubscript (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_multisubscript_assign (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_multisubscript_assign_consume (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_nextfor (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_nop (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_notequal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_plusequal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_pop_param (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_pop_param_byref (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_progend (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_removemember (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_return (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_set_member (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_set_member_consume (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_set_member_id (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_set_member_id_consume (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_set_member_id_consume_divideequal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_set_member_id_consume_minusequal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_set_member_id_consume_modulusequal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_set_member_id_consume_plusequal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_set_member_id_consume_timesequal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_statementbegin (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_stepforeach (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_stepforeach2 (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_string (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_struct (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_subtract (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_timesequal (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_uninit (const Instruction &ins)
void ins_unminus (const Instruction &ins)
BObjectRefLocalVar (unsigned int varnum)
int makeGlobal (const Token &token)
BObjectmakeObj (const Token &token)
int makeString (unsigned param)
size_t numParams () const
double paramAsDouble (unsigned param)
int paramAsLong (unsigned param)
const char * paramAsString (unsigned param)
void popParam (const Token &token)
void popParamByRef (const Token &token)
const EScriptProgramprog () const
void pushArg (BObjectImp *arg)
void pushArg (const BObjectRef &ref)
void reinitExec ()
bool runnable () const
bool running_to_completion () const
const std::string & scriptname () const
void set_running_to_completion (bool to_completion)
void setdebugging (bool debugging)
void setDebugLevel (DEBUG_LEVEL level)
void seterror (bool err)
void setFunctionResult (BObjectImp *imp)
void sethalt (bool halt)
bool setProgram (EScriptProgram *prog)
void setViewMode (bool vm)
void show_context (unsigned atPC)
void show_context (fmt::Writer &os, unsigned atPC)

Public Attributes

unsigned short area_size
bool auxsvc_assume_string
bool can_access_offline_mobiles
unsigned int eventmask
u64 instr_cycles
u64 runaway_cycles
u64 sleep_cycles
unsigned short speech_size
time_t start_time
u64 warn_runaway_on_cycle
weak_ptr_owner< UOExecutorweakptr
- Public Attributes inherited from Pol::Bscript::Executor
std::vector< ExecutorModule * > availmodules
std::vector< ReturnContextControlStack
DEBUG_LEVEL debug_level
int done
bool error_
std::vector< ExecutorModule * > execmodules
std::vector< BObjectReffparams
BObjectRefVec Globals2
bool halt_
unsigned nLines
unsigned PC
bool run_ok_
std::vector< BObjectRefVec * > upperLocals2
ValueStackCont ValueStack

Private Types

typedef Bscript::Executor base

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Pol::Bscript::Executor
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Pol::Bscript::Executor
static BObjectRef addmember (BObject &left, const BObject &right)
static BObjectRef checkmember (BObject &left, const BObject &right)
static ExecInstrFunc GetInstrFunc (const Token &token)
static int ins_casejmp_finddefault (const Token &token)
static int ins_casejmp_findlong (const Token &token, BLong *blong)
static int ins_casejmp_findstring (const Token &token, String *bstringimp)
static BObjectRef removemember (BObject &left, const BObject &right)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Pol::Bscript::Executor
static Clib::SpinLock _executor_lock
static UninitObjectm_SharedUninitObject
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Pol::Bscript::Executor
void cleanParams ()
BObjectRef getObjRef (void)
BObjectgetParam (unsigned param)
int getParams (unsigned howMany)
BObject getValue (void)
int makeDouble (unsigned param)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file uoexec.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 34 of file uoexec.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Pol::Core::UOExecutor::UOExecutor ( )

Definition at line 17 of file uoexec.cpp.

References Pol::Bscript::Executor::addModule(), os_module, and weakptr.

Referenced by sizeEstimate().

Member Function Documentation

bool Pol::Core::UOExecutor::revive ( )

Definition at line 64 of file uoexec.cpp.

References os_module, and Pol::Module::OSExecutorModule::revive().

size_t Pol::Core::UOExecutor::sizeEstimate ( ) const
std::string Pol::Core::UOExecutor::state ( )

Member Data Documentation

bool Pol::Core::UOExecutor::auxsvc_assume_string

Definition at line 61 of file uoexec.h.

Referenced by Pol::Module::OSExecutorModule::mf_set_script_option().

bool Pol::Core::UOExecutor::can_access_offline_mobiles

Definition at line 60 of file uoexec.h.

Referenced by Pol::Module::OSExecutorModule::mf_set_script_option().

u64 Pol::Core::UOExecutor::instr_cycles
Module::OSExecutorModule* Pol::Core::UOExecutor::os_module

Definition at line 37 of file uoexec.h.

Referenced by Pol::Mobile::NPC::apply_raw_damage_hundredths(), Pol::Core::calc_script_clocksleft(), Pol::Core::ScriptExObjImp::call_method_id(), Pol::Core::check_blocked(), Pol::Network::ClientGameData::clear(), Pol::Module::clear_gumphandler(), Pol::Core::ClientCreateChar(), Pol::Core::ClientCreateChar70160(), Pol::Core::ClientCreateCharKR(), Pol::Core::DebugContext::cmd_detach(), Pol::Core::DebugContext::cmd_instrace(), Pol::Core::DebugContext::cmd_run(), Pol::Core::DebugContext::cmd_start(), Pol::Core::DebugContext::cmd_stepinto(), Pol::Core::DebugContext::cmd_stepover(), Pol::Core::ScriptExObjImp::get_member_id(), Pol::Module::handle_coord_cursor(), Pol::Core::handle_prompt(), Pol::Module::handle_resurrect_menu(), Pol::Module::handle_script_cursor(), Pol::Module::handle_selcolor(), Pol::Module::handle_textentry(), Pol::Core::handle_unicode_prompt(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::inform_criminal(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::inform_disengaged(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::inform_engaged(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::inform_enteredarea(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::inform_imoved(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::inform_leftarea(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::inform_moved(), Pol::Core::list_crit_script(), Pol::Module::menu_selection_made(), Pol::Module::UOExecutorModule::mf_SendPopUpMenu(), Pol::Module::HttpExecutorModule::mf_WriteHtml(), Pol::Module::HttpExecutorModule::mf_WriteHtmlRaw(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::on_death(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::on_ghost_pc_spoke(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::on_pc_spoke(), Pol::Module::popup_menu_selection_made(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::restart_script(), revive(), Pol::Core::ScriptScheduler::run_ready(), Pol::Core::sayto_listening_points(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::send_event(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::send_event_script(), state(), Pol::Mobile::NPC::stop_scripts(), Pol::Mobile::Character::stop_skill_script(), suspend(), and UOExecutor().

UOExecutor* Pol::Core::UOExecutor::pParent
u64 Pol::Core::UOExecutor::runaway_cycles
u64 Pol::Core::UOExecutor::sleep_cycles
unsigned short Pol::Core::UOExecutor::speech_size
time_t Pol::Core::UOExecutor::start_time

Definition at line 51 of file uoexec.h.

Referenced by ~UOExecutor().

u64 Pol::Core::UOExecutor::warn_runaway_on_cycle

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