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uoexhelp.h File Reference
#include "skillid.h"

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bool Pol::Core::getAttributeParam (Executor &exec, unsigned param, const Mobile::Attribute *&attr)
bool Pol::Core::getCharacterOrClientParam (Executor &exec, unsigned param, Mobile::Character *&chrptr, Network::Client *&clientptr)
bool Pol::Core::getCharacterParam (Bscript::Executor &exec, unsigned param, Mobile::Character *&chrptr)
bool Pol::Core::getItemParam (Executor &exec, unsigned param, Items::Item *&itemptr)
bool Pol::Core::getMultiParam (Executor &exec, unsigned param, Multi::UMulti *&multiptr)
bool Pol::Core::getObjtypeParam (Executor &exec, unsigned param, unsigned int &objtype)
bool Pol::Core::getObjtypeParam (Executor &exec, unsigned param, const Items::ItemDesc *&itemdesc_out)
bool Pol::Core::getSkillIdParam (Executor &exec, unsigned param, USKILLID &skillid)
bool Pol::Core::getUBoatParam (Executor &exec, unsigned param, Multi::UBoat *&boatptr)
bool Pol::Core::getUObjectParam (Executor &exec, unsigned param, UObject *&objptr)
bool Pol::Core::getVitalParam (Executor &exec, unsigned param, const Vital *&vital)

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Definition in file uoexhelp.h.