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Pol::Core::DynamicPropsHolder Class Reference

#include <dynproperties.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DynamicPropsHolder ()
size_t estimateSizeDynProps () const
template<typename V >
bool getmember (DynPropTypes member, V *value) const
bool hasmember (DynPropTypes member) const
template<typename V >
void setmember (DynPropTypes member, const V &value, const V &defaultvalue)
template<typename V >
void setmemberPointer (DynPropTypes member, V value)

Protected Member Functions

 ~DynamicPropsHolder ()

Private Member Functions

void initProps ()

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< DynProps_dynprops

Detailed Description

Definition at line 301 of file dynproperties.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Pol::Core::DynamicPropsHolder::DynamicPropsHolder ( )

Definition at line 657 of file dynproperties.h.

Referenced by estimateSizeDynProps().

Pol::Core::DynamicPropsHolder::~DynamicPropsHolder ( )

Definition at line 659 of file dynproperties.h.

Member Function Documentation

size_t Pol::Core::DynamicPropsHolder::estimateSizeDynProps ( ) const

Definition at line 709 of file dynproperties.h.

References _dynprops, and DynamicPropsHolder().

Referenced by Pol::Core::UObject::estimatedSize().

template<typename V >
bool Pol::Core::DynamicPropsHolder::getmember ( DynPropTypes  member,
V *  value 
) const

Definition at line 668 of file dynproperties.h.

References _dynprops.

bool Pol::Core::DynamicPropsHolder::hasmember ( DynPropTypes  member) const

Definition at line 675 of file dynproperties.h.

References _dynprops.

void Pol::Core::DynamicPropsHolder::initProps ( )

Definition at line 661 of file dynproperties.h.

References _dynprops.

Referenced by setmember(), and setmemberPointer().

template<typename V >
void Pol::Core::DynamicPropsHolder::setmember ( DynPropTypes  member,
const V &  value,
const V &  defaultvalue 

Definition at line 683 of file dynproperties.h.

References _dynprops, and initProps().

template<typename V >
void Pol::Core::DynamicPropsHolder::setmemberPointer ( DynPropTypes  member,

Definition at line 697 of file dynproperties.h.

References _dynprops, and initProps().

Member Data Documentation

std::unique_ptr<DynProps> Pol::Core::DynamicPropsHolder::_dynprops

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