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Pol::Module::UnicodeExecutorModule Class Reference

#include <unimod.h>

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Public Member Functions

 UnicodeExecutorModule (Core::UOExecutor &exec)
 ~UnicodeExecutorModule ()
Bscript::BObjectImpmf_BroadcastUC ()
Bscript::BObjectImpmf_PrintTextAboveUC ()
Bscript::BObjectImpmf_PrivateTextAboveUC ()
Bscript::BObjectImpmf_RequestInputUC ()
Bscript::BObjectImpmf_SendSysMessageUC ()
Bscript::BObjectImpmf_SendTextEntryGumpUC ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Pol::Bscript::ExecutorModule
virtual ~ExecutorModule ()=default
BApplicObjBasegetApplicObjParam (unsigned param, const BApplicObjType *object_type)
void * getApplicPtrParam (unsigned param, const BApplicObjType *pointer_type)
bool getObjArrayParam (unsigned param, ObjArray *&pobjarr)
bool getParam (unsigned param, int &value)
bool getParam (unsigned param, int &value, int maxval)
bool getParam (unsigned param, int &value, int minval, int maxval)
bool getParam (unsigned param, unsigned &value)
bool getParam (unsigned param, short &value)
bool getParam (unsigned param, short &value, short maxval)
bool getParam (unsigned param, short &value, short minval, short maxval)
bool getParam (unsigned param, unsigned short &value)
bool getParam (unsigned param, unsigned short &value, unsigned short maxval)
bool getParam (unsigned param, unsigned short &value, unsigned short minval, unsigned short maxval)
BObjectImpgetParamImp (unsigned param)
BObjectImpgetParamImp (unsigned param, BObjectImp::BObjectType type)
bool getParamImp (unsigned param, BObjectImp *&imp)
bool getRealParam (unsigned param, double &value)
const StringgetStringParam (unsigned param)
bool getStringParam (unsigned param, const String *&pstr)
const std::string & scriptname () const

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from Pol::Bscript::ExecutorModule

Protected Member Functions

bool getCharacterParam (unsigned param, Mobile::Character *&chrptr)
bool getItemParam (unsigned param, Items::Item *&itemptr)
bool getUObjectParam (unsigned param, Core::UObject *&objptr)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Pol::Bscript::TmplExecutorModule< UnicodeExecutorModule >
 TmplExecutorModule (const char *modname, Executor &exec)
virtual BObjectImpexecFunc (unsigned idx) POL_OVERRIDE
virtual int functionIndex (const std::string &funcname) POL_OVERRIDE
virtual std::string functionName (unsigned idx) POL_OVERRIDE
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Pol::Bscript::ExecutorModule
 ExecutorModule (const char *moduleName, Executor &iExec)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Pol::Bscript::ExecutorModule
boost_utils::function_name_flystring moduleName

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file unimod.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Pol::Module::UnicodeExecutorModule::UnicodeExecutorModule ( Core::UOExecutor exec)

Definition at line 142 of file unimod.cpp.

Pol::Module::UnicodeExecutorModule::~UnicodeExecutorModule ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool Pol::Module::UnicodeExecutorModule::getCharacterParam ( unsigned  param,
Mobile::Character *&  chrptr 
bool Pol::Module::UnicodeExecutorModule::getItemParam ( unsigned  param,
Items::Item *&  itemptr 

Definition at line 76 of file unimod.h.

References Pol::Core::getItemParam().

Referenced by mf_RequestInputUC().

bool Pol::Module::UnicodeExecutorModule::getUObjectParam ( unsigned  param,
Core::UObject *&  objptr 

Definition at line 81 of file unimod.h.

References Pol::Core::getUObjectParam().

Referenced by mf_PrintTextAboveUC(), and mf_PrivateTextAboveUC().

BObjectImp * Pol::Module::UnicodeExecutorModule::mf_SendTextEntryGumpUC ( )

Definition at line 336 of file unimod.cpp.

Referenced by Pol::Bscript::TmplExecutorModule< T >::function_table().

Member Data Documentation

Mobile::Character* Pol::Module::UnicodeExecutorModule::prompt_chr
Core::UOExecutor& Pol::Module::UnicodeExecutorModule::uoexec

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