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Pol::Clib::StackWalkerLogger Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 StackWalkerLogger (int options)
virtual ~StackWalkerLogger ()

Public Attributes

fmt::Writer _log

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnCallstackEntry (CallstackEntryType eType, CallstackEntry &entry) POL_OVERRIDE
virtual void OnDbgHelpErr (LPCSTR szFuncName, DWORD gle, DWORD64 addr) POL_OVERRIDE
virtual void OnLoadModule (LPCSTR img, LPCSTR mod, DWORD64 baseAddr, DWORD size, DWORD result, LPCSTR symType, LPCSTR pdbName, ULONGLONG fileVersion) POL_OVERRIDE
virtual void OnOutput (LPCSTR szText) POL_OVERRIDE
virtual void OnSymInit (LPCSTR szSearchPath, DWORD symOptions, LPCSTR szUserName) POL_OVERRIDE

Detailed Description

Definition at line 212 of file mdump.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Pol::Clib::StackWalkerLogger::StackWalkerLogger ( int  options)

Definition at line 215 of file mdump.cpp.

virtual Pol::Clib::StackWalkerLogger::~StackWalkerLogger ( )

Definition at line 216 of file mdump.cpp.

References POLLOG_ERROR.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Pol::Clib::StackWalkerLogger::OnCallstackEntry ( CallstackEntryType  eType,
CallstackEntry &  entry 

Definition at line 232 of file mdump.cpp.

References POLLOG_ERROR.

virtual void Pol::Clib::StackWalkerLogger::OnDbgHelpErr ( LPCSTR  szFuncName,
DWORD  gle,
DWORD64  addr 

Definition at line 230 of file mdump.cpp.

virtual void Pol::Clib::StackWalkerLogger::OnLoadModule ( LPCSTR  img,
LPCSTR  mod,
DWORD64  baseAddr,
DWORD  size,
DWORD  result,
LPCSTR  symType,
LPCSTR  pdbName,
ULONGLONG  fileVersion 

Definition at line 226 of file mdump.cpp.

virtual void Pol::Clib::StackWalkerLogger::OnOutput ( LPCSTR  szText)

Definition at line 231 of file mdump.cpp.

virtual void Pol::Clib::StackWalkerLogger::OnSymInit ( LPCSTR  szSearchPath,
DWORD  symOptions,
LPCSTR  szUserName 

Definition at line 225 of file mdump.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

fmt::Writer Pol::Clib::StackWalkerLogger::_log

Definition at line 221 of file mdump.cpp.

Referenced by Pol::Clib::HiddenMiniDumper::print_backtrace().

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