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Pol::Clib::ConfigFile Class Reference

#include <cfgfile.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Pol::Clib::ConfigFile:

Public Member Functions

 ConfigFile (const char *filename=NULL, const char *allowed_types=NULL)
 ConfigFile (const std::string &filename, const char *allowed_types=NULL)
virtual ~ConfigFile ()
unsigned element_line_start () const
const std::string & filename () const
time_t modified () const
void open (const char *i_filename)
bool read (ConfigElem &elem)
void readraw (ConfigElem &elem)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Pol::Clib::ConfigSource
virtual ~ConfigSource ()

Protected Member Functions

bool _read (ConfigElem &elem)
bool _read (VectorConfigElem &elem)
POL_NORETURN void display_and_rethrow_exception ()
virtual void display_error (const std::string &msg, bool show_curline=true, const ConfigElemBase *elem=NULL, bool error=true) const POL_OVERRIDE
void init (const char *i_filename, const char *allowed_types_str)
bool read_properties (ConfigElem &elem)
bool read_properties (VectorConfigElem &elem)
bool readline (std::string &strbuf)
void register_allowed_type (const char *allowed_type)

Private Types

typedef std::set< std::string, ci_cmp_predAllowedTypesCont

Private Attributes

int _cur_line
int _element_line_start
std::string _filename
time_t _modified
AllowedTypesCont allowed_types_
FILE * fp

Static Private Attributes

static char buffer [1024]


class ConfigElem
class ConfigSection

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file cfgfile.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::set<std::string, ci_cmp_pred> Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::AllowedTypesCont

Definition at line 88 of file cfgfile.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::ConfigFile ( const char *  filename = NULL,
const char *  allowed_types = NULL 

Definition at line 541 of file cfgfile.cpp.

References init().

Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::ConfigFile ( const std::string &  filename,
const char *  allowed_types = NULL 

Definition at line 555 of file cfgfile.cpp.

References init().

Member Function Documentation

void Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::display_and_rethrow_exception ( )

Definition at line 989 of file cfgfile.cpp.

References display_error().

Referenced by read(), and readraw().

void Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::display_error ( const std::string &  msg,
bool  show_curline = true,
const ConfigElemBase elem = NULL,
bool  error = true 
) const
unsigned Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::element_line_start ( ) const

Definition at line 595 of file cfgfile.cpp.

References _element_line_start.

Referenced by ~ConfigFile().

const std::string & Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::filename ( ) const

Definition at line 587 of file cfgfile.cpp.

References _filename.

Referenced by Pol::Clib::ConfigSection::~ConfigSection().

void Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::init ( const char *  i_filename,
const char *  allowed_types_str 

Definition at line 569 of file cfgfile.cpp.

References allowed_types_, ISTRINGSTREAM, and open().

Referenced by ConfigFile().

time_t Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::modified ( ) const

Definition at line 591 of file cfgfile.cpp.

References _modified.

Referenced by Pol::Core::StoredConfigFile::load(), and Pol::Core::load_mime_config().

void Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::open ( const char *  i_filename)
bool Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::read ( ConfigElem elem)

Definition at line 1015 of file cfgfile.cpp.

References _read(), Pol::Clib::ConfigElemBase::_source, and display_and_rethrow_exception().

Referenced by Pol::Core::FindEquipTemplate(), Pol::Core::FindNpcTemplate(), Pol::Core::import_new_data(), Pol::Plib::RealmDescriptor::Load(), Pol::Module::DataFileContents::load(), Pol::Core::StoredConfigFile::load(), Pol::Core::load_anim_xlate_cfg(), Pol::Mobile::load_armor_zones(), Pol::Core::load_circle_data(), Pol::Core::load_cmdlevels(), Pol::Core::ConsoleCommand::load_console_commands(), Pol::Module::load_fileaccess_cfg(), Pol::Core::load_incremental_indexes(), Pol::Core::load_mime_config(), Pol::Core::load_movecost(), Pol::Items::load_npc_intrinsic_equip(), Pol::Core::load_npc_templates(), Pol::Plib::load_packages(), Pol::Core::load_party_cfg(), Pol::Core::load_repsys_cfg(), Pol::Core::load_resource_cfg(), Pol::Core::load_spells_cfg(), Pol::Plib::MapWriter::OpenExistingFiles(), Pol::Core::process_package_cmds_cfg(), Pol::Core::Storage::read(), Pol::Accounts::read_account_data(), Pol::Network::read_bannedips_config(), Pol::Multi::read_boat_cfg(), Pol::Module::read_datastore_dat(), Pol::Core::read_gameservers(), Pol::Core::read_guilds_dat(), Pol::Items::read_itemdesc_file(), Pol::Core::Menu::read_menus(), Pol::Multi::read_multidefs(), Pol::Core::read_party_dat(), Pol::Core::read_region_data(), Pol::Core::read_resources_dat(), Pol::Core::read_stacking_cfg(), Pol::Core::read_starting_locations(), Pol::Accounts::reload_account_data(), and Pol::Core::slurp().

bool Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::read_properties ( ConfigElem elem)
bool Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::read_properties ( VectorConfigElem elem)
bool Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::readline ( std::string &  strbuf)

Definition at line 739 of file cfgfile.cpp.

References buffer, and fp.

Referenced by _read(), and read_properties().

void Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::register_allowed_type ( const char *  allowed_type)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ConfigElem

Definition at line 63 of file cfgfile.h.

friend class ConfigSection

Definition at line 64 of file cfgfile.h.

Member Data Documentation

int Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::_cur_line

Definition at line 86 of file cfgfile.h.

Referenced by _read(), display_error(), and read_properties().

int Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::_element_line_start

Definition at line 85 of file cfgfile.h.

Referenced by _read(), display_error(), and element_line_start().

std::string Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::_filename

Definition at line 77 of file cfgfile.h.

Referenced by display_error(), filename(), and open().

time_t Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::_modified

Definition at line 78 of file cfgfile.h.

Referenced by modified(), and open().

AllowedTypesCont Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::allowed_types_

Definition at line 89 of file cfgfile.h.

Referenced by _read(), Pol::Clib::ConfigSection::ConfigSection(), init(), and ~ConfigFile().

char Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::buffer

Definition at line 83 of file cfgfile.h.

Referenced by _read(), readline(), and ~ConfigFile().

FILE* Pol::Clib::ConfigFile::fp

Definition at line 82 of file cfgfile.h.

Referenced by _read(), open(), readline(), and ~ConfigFile().

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