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uofile.h File Reference
#include "ustruct.h"
#include "clidata.h"
#include "uconst.h"
#include <vector>

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#define MAX_STATICS_PER_BLOCK   10000


void Pol::Core::clear_tiledata ()
void Pol::Core::getmapinfo (unsigned short x, unsigned short y, short *z, USTRUCT_MAPINFO *mi)
void Pol::Core::open_uo_data_files (void)
void Pol::Core::rawmapfullread ()
void Pol::Core::rawstaticfullread ()
void Pol::Core::read_objinfo (u16 graphic, struct USTRUCT_TILE &objinfo)
void Pol::Core::read_objinfo (u16 graphic, struct USTRUCT_TILE_HSA &objinfo)
void Pol::Core::read_uo_data (void)
void Pol::Core::readlandtile (unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_LAND_TILE *landtile)
void Pol::Core::readlandtile (unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_LAND_TILE_HSA *landtile)
void Pol::Core::readstaticblock (std::vector< USTRUCT_STATIC > *ppst, int *pnum, unsigned short x, unsigned short y)
void Pol::Core::readtile (unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_TILE *tile)
void Pol::Core::readtile (unsigned short tilenum, USTRUCT_TILE_HSA *tile)
void Pol::Core::readwater ()
void Pol::Core::safe_getmapinfo (unsigned short x, unsigned short y, short *z, USTRUCT_MAPINFO *mi)


int Pol::Core::cfg_max_statics_per_block = 1000
bool Pol::Core::cfg_use_new_hsa_format = 0
int Pol::Core::cfg_warning_statics_per_block = 1000
unsigned short Pol::Core::uo_map_height = 4096
unsigned short Pol::Core::uo_map_width = 6144
int Pol::Core::uo_mapid = 0
bool Pol::Core::uo_readuop = true
int Pol::Core::uo_usedif = 0

Detailed Description

  • 2005/07/05 Shinigami: added uoconvert.cfg option *StaticsPerBlock (hard limit is set to 10000)
  • 2005/07/16 Shinigami: added uoconvert.cfg flag ShowIllegalGraphicWarning
  • 2006/04/09 Shinigami: added uoconvert.cfg flag ShowRoofAndPlatformWarning

Definition in file uofile.h.

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#define MAX_STATICS_PER_BLOCK   10000

Definition at line 22 of file uofile.h.

Referenced by Pol::UoConvert::UoConvertMain::main().