Pol  Revision:cb584c9
Pol::UoTool Namespace Reference


struct  MapContour
class  UoToolMain


static int checkmultis ()
static int contour ()
static int defragstatics (int argc, char **argv)
static void display_tileinfo (unsigned short objtype, const Core::USTRUCT_TILE &tile)
static int findgraphic (int, char **argv)
static int findlandtile (int, char **argv)
static int findlandtileflags (int, char **argv)
static int flagsearch (int argc, char **argv)
static int format_description (int argc, char **argv)
static bool has_water (u16 x, u16 y)
static int landtileflagsearch (int argc, char **argv)
static int landtilehist ()
static int loschange (int, char **)
static int mapdump (int argc, char *argv[])
static int print_ctable ()
static void print_multidata (u16 i, Multi::MultiDef *multi)
static void print_multihull (u16 i, Multi::MultiDef *multi)
static int print_multis ()
static int print_sndlist ()
static int print_statics ()
static int print_verdata_info ()
static int print_water_data ()
static int rawdump (int argc, char **argv)
static unsigned int read_ulong (std::istream &is)
static int statics_histogram ()
static int tiledump (int argc, char **argv)
static int verlandtile ()
static int vertile ()
static int water_search ()
static int write_polmap (const char *filename, unsigned short xbegin, unsigned short xend)
static int write_polmap ()
static int z_histogram ()


unsigned char buffer [10000]
int keyid []
static int s_argc
static char ** s_argv

Function Documentation

static int Pol::UoTool::findgraphic ( int  ,
char **  argv 
static int Pol::UoTool::flagsearch ( int  argc,
char **  argv 
static int Pol::UoTool::format_description ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 1020 of file UoToolMain.cpp.

References INFO_PRINT, and name.

Referenced by Pol::UoTool::UoToolMain::main().

static bool Pol::UoTool::has_water ( u16  x,
u16  y 

Definition at line 690 of file UoToolMain.cpp.

References Pol::Core::iswater(), and Pol::Core::readstatics().

Referenced by water_search().

static int Pol::UoTool::print_ctable ( )

Definition at line 83 of file UoToolMain.cpp.

References INFO_PRINT.

Referenced by Pol::UoTool::UoToolMain::main().

static int Pol::UoTool::print_sndlist ( )
static int Pol::UoTool::print_verdata_info ( )
static int Pol::UoTool::print_water_data ( )
static int Pol::UoTool::rawdump ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 416 of file UoToolMain.cpp.

References Pol::Clib::fdump(), and INFO_PRINT.

Referenced by Pol::UoTool::UoToolMain::main().

static unsigned int Pol::UoTool::read_ulong ( std::istream &  is)

Definition at line 455 of file UoToolMain.cpp.

Referenced by print_sndlist().

static int Pol::UoTool::statics_histogram ( )
static int Pol::UoTool::tiledump ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 142 of file UoToolMain.cpp.

References display_tileinfo(), INFO_PRINT, and TILES_START.

Referenced by Pol::UoTool::UoToolMain::main().

static int Pol::UoTool::water_search ( )

Definition at line 703 of file UoToolMain.cpp.

References has_water(), INFO_PRINT, and Pol::Core::open_uo_data_files().

Referenced by Pol::UoTool::UoToolMain::main().

static int Pol::UoTool::write_polmap ( const char *  filename,
unsigned short  xbegin,
unsigned short  xend 
static int Pol::UoTool::write_polmap ( )

Variable Documentation

int Pol::UoTool::keyid[]
Initial value:
= {
0x0002, 0x01f5, 0x0226, 0x0347, 0x0757, 0x0286, 0x03b6, 0x0327, 0x0e08, 0x0628, 0x0567, 0x0798,
0x19d9, 0x0978, 0x02a6, 0x0577, 0x0718, 0x05b8, 0x1cc9, 0x0a78, 0x0257, 0x04f7, 0x0668, 0x07d8,
0x1919, 0x1ce9, 0x03f7, 0x0909, 0x0598, 0x07b8, 0x0918, 0x0c68, 0x02d6, 0x1869, 0x06f8, 0x0939,
0x1cca, 0x05a8, 0x1aea, 0x1c0a, 0x1489, 0x14a9, 0x0829, 0x19fa, 0x1719, 0x1209, 0x0e79, 0x1f3a,
0x14b9, 0x1009, 0x1909, 0x0136, 0x1619, 0x1259, 0x1339, 0x1959, 0x1739, 0x1ca9, 0x0869, 0x1e99,
0x0db9, 0x1ec9, 0x08b9, 0x0859, 0x00a5, 0x0968, 0x09c8, 0x1c39, 0x19c9, 0x08f9, 0x18f9, 0x0919,
0x0879, 0x0c69, 0x1779, 0x0899, 0x0d69, 0x08c9, 0x1ee9, 0x1eb9, 0x0849, 0x1649, 0x1759, 0x1cd9,
0x05e8, 0x0889, 0x12b9, 0x1729, 0x10a9, 0x08d9, 0x13a9, 0x11c9, 0x1e1a, 0x1e0a, 0x1879, 0x1dca,
0x1dfa, 0x0747, 0x19f9, 0x08d8, 0x0e48, 0x0797, 0x0ea9, 0x0e19, 0x0408, 0x0417, 0x10b9, 0x0b09,
0x06a8, 0x0c18, 0x0717, 0x0787, 0x0b18, 0x14c9, 0x0437, 0x0768, 0x0667, 0x04d7, 0x08a9, 0x02f6,
0x0c98, 0x0ce9, 0x1499, 0x1609, 0x1baa, 0x19ea, 0x39fa, 0x0e59, 0x1949, 0x1849, 0x1269, 0x0307,
0x06c8, 0x1219, 0x1e89, 0x1c1a, 0x11da, 0x163a, 0x385a, 0x3dba, 0x17da, 0x106a, 0x397a, 0x24ea,
0x02e7, 0x0988, 0x33ca, 0x32ea, 0x1e9a, 0x0bf9, 0x3dfa, 0x1dda, 0x32da, 0x2eda, 0x30ba, 0x107a,
0x2e8a, 0x3dea, 0x125a, 0x1e8a, 0x0e99, 0x1cda, 0x1b5a, 0x1659, 0x232a, 0x2e1a, 0x3aeb, 0x3c6b,
0x3e2b, 0x205a, 0x29aa, 0x248a, 0x2cda, 0x23ba, 0x3c5b, 0x251a, 0x2e9a, 0x252a, 0x1ea9, 0x3a0b,
0x391b, 0x23ca, 0x392b, 0x3d5b, 0x233a, 0x2cca, 0x390b, 0x1bba, 0x3a1b, 0x3c4b, 0x211a, 0x203a,
0x12a9, 0x231a, 0x3e0b, 0x29ba, 0x3d7b, 0x202a, 0x3adb, 0x213a, 0x253a, 0x32ca, 0x23da, 0x23fa,
0x32fa, 0x11ca, 0x384a, 0x31ca, 0x17ca, 0x30aa, 0x2e0a, 0x276a, 0x250a, 0x3e3b, 0x396a, 0x18fa,
0x204a, 0x206a, 0x230a, 0x265a, 0x212a, 0x23ea, 0x3acb, 0x393b, 0x3e1b, 0x1dea, 0x3d6b, 0x31da,
0x3e5b, 0x3e4b, 0x207a, 0x3c7b, 0x277a, 0x3d4b, 0x0c08, 0x162a, 0x3daa, 0x124a, 0x1b4a, 0x264a,
0x33da, 0x1d1a, 0x1afa, 0x39ea, 0x24fa, 0x373b, 0x249a, 0x372b, 0x1679, 0x210a, 0x23aa, 0x1b8a,
0x3afb, 0x18ea, 0x2eca, 0x0627, 0x00d4

Definition at line 55 of file UoToolMain.cpp.

int Pol::UoTool::s_argc

Definition at line 1194 of file UoToolMain.cpp.

Referenced by main().

char** Pol::UoTool::s_argv

Definition at line 1195 of file UoToolMain.cpp.

Referenced by main().